its the sunday awards and meem show whirld toor gitting deported edishun!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay welkum to this weeks sunday awards and meem show!!! it luks like we ar gitting deported bak to the mithical land of the yoonited stayts today so i gess this is the end of the whirld toor but thats okay we can do wun last live post frum the airplane as we travel bak to kalifornya!!!

ok now this week we just hav a kuple of awards and meems both kurtesy of my frend jingle!!! first is the ten things yoo luv meem ware yoo gessd it wun has to list ten things wun luvs!!! so heer is my list!!!

  1. i luv mama and dada and trixie!!!!  and ummmm tucker and trouble too of korse
  2. i luv stuffies!!!  i luv them so mutch i want to see wot is inside them!!!
  3. i luv big butts and i cannot lie!!!  oh wayt sorry that is a song
  4. i luv cat fud!!!  i follow dada arownd sniffing the air evry time he servs a can of it to trouble the kitty but he never drops enny!!!  kurse his shoor grip on the cat fud bowl!!!
  5. i luv flyball!!!
  6. i luv to go to feeesta iland!!!  as long as no strayndj dogs their try to play with me of korse!!!  wen that happens i git skayrd and hide behind mama (see item wun on my list)!!!
  7. i luv all my blog frends!!!   espeshly yoo!!!  yoo no hoo yoo ar!!!
  8. i luv fetch!!!  i cud play fetch for owrs and owrs and owrs and owrs and owrs and owrs and owrs and owrs!!!
  9. i luv my fedora!!!
  10. i luv wurking for treets!!!  or posibly i just luv treets!!!

ok now sinse this seems to be a base ten meem base ten beeing a komplikayted math consept like subtrakshun i figger i wil tag ten frends the weel of fortchoon sez they ar:

  1. the kansas mediocrity!!!
  2. cody bear and pickles!!!
  3. morgan in pittsburgh!!!
  4. jammer5!!!
  5. daisy of dead air!!!
  6. the dog woods!!!
  7. hero the shar pei!!!
  8. cloud dragon!!!
  9. the jugglers of roses!!!
  10. and mayzie the reesently reveeld to be mostly boxer gal!!!

ok nekst up ar too awards frum jingle!!! thanks jingle for keeping the awards and meem show going espeshly wile the purple hatter is on hiatus!!! first is the yoo ar byootiful awards!!!

i wood like to pass the yoo ar byootiful award to the following frends chosen by yoo gessd it the weel of fortchoon!!!

  1. the owt and abowt with yore dog blog!!!
  2. pierro and miles!!!
  3. 12 dogs and a blog!!!
  4. the misadventchers of me!!!
  5. martha and bailey basset!!!

nekst is the kung foo award!!! i cud reely yooze this wun in my struggels aginst the ninja hedjhogs!!!

i wood like to pass the kung foo award on to the following frends!!!

  1. the texas sun dogs!!!
  2. frum down their!!!  aka elyan cardigans!!!
  3. the dogfathers!!!
  4. doraz!!!
  5. days at daybreake!!!

and thats a rap!!! ok bye

Meanwhile, out there somewhere …

26 thoughts on “its the sunday awards and meem show whirld toor gitting deported edishun!!!

  1. Oh, how we look forward to this show every week! I hope nobody ever allows Tucker around limburger cheese!

    I can just picture that scene with the fan in the office! Perhaps you should have told him that the fan was part of TARDIS. I’m sure he’d be happy to travel through time and space in style!


  2. Looks like Tucker was really desperate for food!
    Glad his “getting it” technique worked!
    Congratulations on your Awards!
    Kisses and hugs


  3. Its a good thing you guys are on your way home, thats all I can say. Actually I can say one more thing. When you get home, I would send Tucker out for a colon cleanse. I think you all would be endlessly happy if you did that.



  4. Oh boy. What fun. What cool awards you got this week. I love them all. CONGRATS to you. I am happy to receive my special gift also. Soooo nice of you guys. Flat Tony is close. Beware. lol 🙂


  5. Yah, Flat Tony!!! Could you send into orbit??? Congrats Sekan and Jammers, two of my fav bloggers ( with the exception of Dennis and Flat Tony, of course).


  6. And soon even those peanuts will be banned if the news reports can be believed.

    And meanwhile, we laugh and laugh and laugh – thanks, Dennis.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


  7. Oh, Tucker! You sure are a vizsla after my own heart. I’m a little bitsy bit surprised that my dee-en-ay didn’t come back as part vizsla dog. Oh, and Dennis, GUESS WHAT? I luvs treats, too! Isn’t that a coincidence? I mean, what are the odds?

    Thanks for tagging me with the meme thing. I can’t wait to play!

    Wiggles & Wags,


  8. Congratulations to all the winners! Hip, hip, huzzah!

    I’m a bit worried for Flat Tony.

    Guard, guard, guard…


  9. Congratulations on your awards and thanks for passing on one to us! Mom says now she will know how to get proper service on a plane, at a restaurant etc. Theaten to whine and bark the whole time. 😉
    Flat Tony stikes again!


  10. “I see seats. I see chairs. I see children misbehaving.” HAHAHAHA!!! (Mom seems to find this particular statement hilarious. As usual, I have no idea why she finds this so funny…) I hope you guys make it back safe and sound (I’m a little behind on the bloggies…)

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Mutant Puppy


  11. Heh guys, thanks for our award 🙂 we’re very proud to receive it. Especially since Dennis and Tucker are so handsome and we (Georgie and Jessie of course) are still available 😉


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