roll over yoo ar dooing it rong!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay gess wot??? my mama has ben teetching me how to roll over!!! now rolling over is a verry verry komplikayted trik so i thawt i wood post this helpful instrukshunal viddyo in kayse ennywun owt their is strugling to lern this hily advansd dog foo moov ok heer goze!!!

wow i am shoor it wuz hard to follow all my mad rollover skilz so heer ar sum stils to help yoo owt!!! i apolodjize for the zaprooder like kwality of the pikchers my sinnematografer did not mayk shoor we had suffishint lite for filming!!!

sorta kinda rollin over plus beseetching luk
oops stretching!!! no treet for that this time!!!
stretching the other direkshun!!! stil no treet!!!
kinda sorta rollin over!!! ware is my treet??? wot do yoo want frum me woman???
trixie gits a treet for free
wtf wuz that abowt?!?!?!?
"I wonder if she'd notice if I reach under her arm and steal the plate?"

i hope yoo hav fownd this tootoryal viddyo helpful to yoo in persoot of the eloosiv roll over tekneek!!! ok bye

41 thoughts on “roll over yoo ar dooing it rong!!!

  1. That was very educational! I see Tucker making his move to get the plate in the background while your mama is distracted with your trick. Did you two work out a deal! You do have mad trick skillz, Dennis!


  2. A most excellent training video. Thanks… I Think!! Now my mom will be wantin’ me to do that. Resistance is entertaining!!! hehehehe


  3. THAT’S rollin over??? We gotta git this video for our mommy. She’s wantin us to do somethin completely different.

    And hey, wtf indeed with Trixie gettin a treat fer nothin!!!

    Bobo and Meja


  4. It is most easy to roll over if the hooman shows you hows to do it first.
    Step 1 – Have the hooman lay on the floor.
    Step 2 – make sure hooman has cheese
    Step 3 – Find somethin stinky, like Trouble poop
    Step 4 – have hooman put head near Trouble poop and roll in it.
    Step 5 – Dennis eats the cheese.

    Pretty simple huh? Let me know if you needs more help.

    woof – Tucker


  5. I dunno. That whole rolling over thing sure does looks exhausting with all those contortions you have to do. Maybe you oughta ask Trixie what her secret is since she just looks at them and they gives her treats. That seems less tiring.

    Wiggles & Wags,


  6. Hi Dennis, you were looking very adorable in that video! Now Bailey rolls over all the time but me, Martha, finds it much more difficult. Our hu Dad says it is cos I am soooo fat! Thankfully I do not know what that means and my hu Mum says we will be getting rid of our hu Dad if he keeps saying that!!!!
    One thing is for sure, I wouldn’t be getting so many treats………..!


  7. Woof! Woof! Educational definitely … it did not take me that long to learn to roll over because I had some delicious treats so you may want to suggest that to your peeps. It gotta be enticing … Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar


  8. Shadow and Sheba haven’t mastered the roll-over yet either, Dennis. Well, except when I’m trying to brush them and then they roll onto their backs every time. What’s up with that anyway? 🙂


  9. Hey, when do you actually roll over in the film? We must have missed it when we blinked.

    Jan says we’re like the 3 Stooges when she asks one of us to roll over. We’re so treat intent, we bump into each other and act like idiots. Jan tried to film it once but as soon as she turned on the camera we sat down and wouldn’t budge.


  10. hiyas dennis! thanks for the instructionals! i had no clue that rolling over was that easy, but what i really want to know is how to get treats for free like miss trixie does!
    the booker man


  11. Niiiiiiiiiiiice!! How many nummies did you receive on that trick my friend? Great tutorial!!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose


  12. Hai Dennis, I only roll over if I get belleh scritches and den I jump in mom’s face fer a treat. Oh and use the sad eyes dey work!

    mMmmmmMMmmmmm treats


    ::springs in my feet::
    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!


  13. Dear Dennis, Peri and Lorelai Gilmore have a little repertoire too: the sit, ask with one paw, then the other, and then drop and then finally roll over. It works for them!!!!


  14. Wow, our Mom doesn’t have a clue about what rolling over means – we like your technique very much better – but someone has to teach it to Trixie too:)

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


  15. Of all the things I know how to do, roll over isn’t one of them (at least not on command). My brother Samick can roll over though.

    Your video is cute. 🙂


  16. Oh man, you remind me of PeeWee. Whenever he tries to work on the roll over he just writhes about on the floor like you. I, of course, have mastered that most complex move being of superior intellect.



  17. Yoo shor ar dooing it rong Dennis, yoo have to finish on yor bak but the mor yoo do it rong the mor food yor hyoomans wi keep giving yoo to enkuraj yoo to do it ryt. Kee akting dum, yoo wer just akting dum wernt yoo, & thay will keep dishing owt the goodys


  18. Haha. I gotta admit: yours is the most unique blog I’ve ever visited 😛

    And M. M.’s Award for the most unique blog goes to…
    None other than…
    Our very own… 😛

    🙂 ❤


  19. Huh? I think that was a bit too advanced for me, Dennis! I totally missed the bit where you rolled over! 😀

    This is one trick I have never managed to learn…well, unless there is stinky poo on the ground, of course! 😉

    Honey the Great Dane


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