35 thoughts on “He Just Smiled And Gave Me A Vegemite Sandwich

  1. Somebuddy is gonna PUKE PUKE PUKE very much soon. That Vegemite stuff tastes AWFUL!!!! My furend brought me some when she came to visit me. She lives in Australia and SHE even HATES Vegemite. YUCK! Poooie!
    I can understand why someone managed to “lose” that pawticular suitcase.
    YUCK I SAY !!! I’m glad I don’t have to clean up the Puke!!!


  2. Any critter who can down all those cans of vegamite, might well be able to hang on to it too. For a while, anyway. Gug!

    Good luck, Tucker.



  3. I come from a land down under, where women know and men blunder… Maybe that’s why Flat Tony has pink boxers on! I wonder if they’ll have to go to Australia to get more Vegimite.


  4. Um, so my mom now says she has some song from her teenage years going around in her head cuz of this postie. That must mean it’s ANCIENT.

    Does that vegemite stuff taste like cheese?

    Wiggles & Wags,


  5. Oooh – our FH is one of the few people who seems to LIKE vegemite. We’ve always said she was weird…..! Um, FH is now singing a very strange song now she’s read this post, something about beer flowing and men chundering….. Like we said – WEIRD!!

    Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.


  6. There really seems to be a lot of anti-vegemite-ism going on in the comments here…
    Obviously Tucker doesn’t know about the side effects of eating TOO MUCH Vegemite…
    Someone already claimed his luggage??? Now I wonder who would do such a thing???


  7. I think I’m getting this stuff confused with a Lucilly Ball commercial. I never had the stuff, cause look what it did to her!
    PS From Ma: So sorry we’ve been AWOL – it’s been nutsy round here, but we’ll try to get with it! Going to read the update from yesterday…


  8. Marmite is great stuff on toast. I imagine Vegemite tastes similar? That’s an awful lot of B vitamins all at once though; Tucker is gonna be so-o blissed out.


  9. Oh Vegemite is delicious: you have to eat it properly though. Lightly toasted white bread, buttered so the butter melts into the toast and then a light scraping of Vegemite, so you can still see lots of the toast and butter. Yum. The Labradors love Vegemite!!


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