42 thoughts on “Wordless (Retro) Wednesday: I Kill You. I Kill You All.

  1. Holy! That’s one scary kitty! We’d be walking away slowly… or maybe not… maybe just needs a good game of bitey face!

    Sam and Pippen!

    PeeS. Thanks for your comment on our bloggie… mom’s been singing that song since we read it!


  2. Oh Trouble…..you have definitely “mastered” the “pissed” kitty look! I am in awe of your skill….Oh Great One.


  3. I would not cross paths with that kitty! Dennis, I think you are psychic when you said Moose was asking for Pizza… I had just picked up carry out pizza and had it in one hand which is why Moose was woofeling so crazy! Spooky that you knew that!


  4. Aw Man! I had a moment of panic as my computer wouldn’t show the picture! But, at last….!!! Thanks for the laugh! I mean…thanks for scaring the bejeeebees out of me, Trouble! And….cool new header pic. Cheers and Namaste. 🙂


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