Wordless Wednesday: Thinking Outside The Box

34 Comments on “Wordless Wednesday: Thinking Outside The Box

  1. MOL! Trouble has the right idea there. We like to be in boxes as well as out of boxes though.


  2. Trouble, mastermind of the world, must think outside the box all the time! It’s how she’ll eventually take over the world!


  3. Putting the words Cat and Thought in the same sentence can only mean…
    T R O U B L E !


  4. I must be a dum-dum but I just can’t work out how that picture relates to “thinking outside the box”…hmm, do you mean Trouble is usually IN a box?

    Honey the Great Dane


  5. Hard to separate laziness with deep thinking… but I’m sure it’s the latter with Trouble 🙂

    Licks, hero


  6. I don’t like how this has worked out, Trouble gets to relax while everyone else is lost in the Australian Outback


  7. Dogs love a fleece too.

    I’ve a friend ‘makes’ and sells sheepskins. I’ve got 2 x singles for the dogs beds and they absolutely love them. She also made me a ‘quad’ – 4 skins sewn together to lie on the floor in the spare room. Since my new puppies found it, they’re in there every chance they get. If I can’t find them in the garden or any other rooms in the house I can guarantee they will be in the spare room ‘play/fighting’ or curled up fast asleep on the quad fleece 😆


  8. Aaww Great minds think alike my kitties are thinking outside the box today too! Ones in the easy chair behind me and the other well looks like he’s not thinking outside the box, he’s in his little kitty bed.


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