its the sunday awards and meem show owtback edishun!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay welkum to the sunday awards and meem show owtback edishun live bloggd frum the base of uluru!!!

hay wow their ar a lot of awards on my list this week and it is pritty hot owt heer so i wil try not to keep evrywun too long!!! ok first let me reemind evrywun that my frend frankie furters naym gaym meem is going on nekst week so git yore naym storeez reddy!!! i am shoor evrywun nos the story of how i got my naym but i wil tel it agin on akkownt of it is all abowt me ha ha i wil also tel the story of how my sisters pooh bear and trouble got there nayms ooooh the suspense is killing me!!! ok now on to the akchooal awards!!! first up is the u r a blessing award frum my frend jingle!!!

as yoo can see this award is kleerly a kayse of dogs and cats living together withowt mass histeria ha ha!!! jingle gayv this award to all her frends hoo commented on her blog in the week in witch the award appeerd so i wil do the saym!!! umm i am talking abowt last week of korse on akkownt of this week has just gottin started and so no wun has had time to comment on enny posts frum this week on akkownt of i havent dun enny posts yet!!! eksept for this wun!!! wow that is so meta!!!

ok nekst up is the june followers awards also frum jingle!!! jingle presents a smorgasbord of awards as yoozhual ha ha i bet yoo didnt think i cud spell smorgasbord did yoo???? ennyway i selekted this wun on akkownt of it reminds me of owr noo mowse frend wot likes to torment trouble the kitty!!!

thank yoo mowse for beeing owr frend!!! or at leest for beeing troubles nemesis!!! ha ha!!! i wil do just like jingle did and giv this award to ennywun hoo comments on this post or subskribes to my rss feed wot is coming to yoo frum the owtback!!!

ok nekst up is the compashonit blogger award slash dadas day award from jingle witch i wood like to giv to my dada as a belayted fathers day gift!!!

i herd that last week trouble didnt say happy dadas day to my dada so i felt gilty abowt leeving him home alone with the kitty so heer yoo go dada sum luvly flowers for yoo!!!

ok nekst up is the versatil blogger award frum my frend a blog in the rough!!!

now wun of the roolz of this award is to say seven things abowt yoreself but evrybuddy heer has alreddy dun that so we hav no more seekrets to shayr at this time!!! however we ar wurking on akkyoomyoolayting noo seekrets at witch time we wil be happy to spil the beenz!!! so i am going to skip that part and go rite to ware i hand this award owt to fifteen other bloggers witch we hav reesently diskoverd oh hay wow i am not shoor i remember that menny relativly noo to me bloggers but i wil try!!! i wil giv it to:

ummmm oh gosh i am not shoor hoo else is noo to me i hav sutch a bad short term memry!!!  weel of fortchoon tayk me away and tel me hoo else to giv this award to!!!!

and thats a rap for this week!!! toon in nekst week to lern the deep dark seekrets of how we got owr nayms!!! meenwile i think i smel fud so i hav to go!!! ok bye

21 thoughts on “its the sunday awards and meem show owtback edishun!!!

  1. We are going to need to get a VizslaCard! Does that mean you pick up the tag Dennis?
    Great Awards post again – sorry we ‘lost’ your blog again! The blog roll disappeared yet again and we forgot we have to add yours in……!
    Doing it now.
    Martha and Bailey xxx


  2. OMD OMD…. PLEASE… tell us you aren’t REALLY amassing NEW (and possibly twisted) SECRETS…. I don’t think the universe is ready for that.
    Hey Dennis, the Fiesty Three are puttin on a Pool/Luau Pawty for the 4th. Hope you can come… everybuddy is invited!!! Just check their blog and drop an email with a pic of yourself. I think that might be for checking ID at the door or some such thingy. Hope to see you there buddy.


  3. The beautiful Trixie really looks just extra gorgeous in the warm light of Uluru. The shades are cool, too, Trixie.

    I hope you find your way home, Trix, and also wonder where Tucker got to.

    Sigh, we will just stay tuned!



  4. We’re looking forward to your name stories! It has to be good! Except, we think we know about Trouble’s name. Just sayin’!

    I thought with a big show like yours, you’d have a hired caterer!


  5. Hey Dennis, I visited the blogs of your new friends and they were most curious. I was particularly enthralled by the dutch soccer song on that gwonno blog. Looking forward to next week’s edition because if more than about five minutes have passed since you told me how you got your name then I forgot already.



  6. I just love the look. lol 🙂 You are all awesome, in my book. CONGRATS to you and all for the wonderful work on their blogs that make us smile. Have a fun week mow. 🙂


  7. I enjoyed your show from the Outback, Dennis, but I am appalled that they stuck you with the bill. And who doesn’t take Vizsla Card!!? That’s just inhuman.


  8. I always though that Vizslacard was like American Express – accepted at all the fine establishments…. Mine hasn’t been turned down. Yet. I’m going to keep using it, and then make a stink (especially if Mom feeds me cheese) if I get turned away! And yes, we are very impressed that you can spell smorgasbord, particularly since I’m not sure ‘ennyway’ is 100% correct. I’m just saying…

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Mutant Puppy


  9. Congrats on all your cool awards!
    Guess what, one of our friends is a Viszla and earned his MACH 2 this weekend. I will try to post a video for you to see.


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