Reunited (And It Feels So Meh)

Several hours later …

But then …

26 Comments on “Reunited (And It Feels So Meh)

  1. Wooos! elevenses? How about second breakfast? It is all about the food fur me!


  2. Once again Trouble gets everyone in Trouble. And Tucker there are 2 definitions for Fosters, and one is beer 🙂


  3. Dennis, buddy, just wanted to let you know I am reading along, but, well, kind of confused (as usual).



  4. I must find that Vegemite Emporium too, Hope they have one in Tasmania. Although we do have a jar of Vegemite in our fridge. Really love what your doing with FT & the gang. Awesome adventure & at least he didn’t end up in jail this time…


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