Wordless (Retro) Wednesday: We’re Here To Make You An Offer You Can’t Refuse

48 Comments on “Wordless (Retro) Wednesday: We’re Here To Make You An Offer You Can’t Refuse

  1. Hey Dennis
    Why you sending out the goon squad on me… just fogetta about it!
    your favorite reeder


  2. Whoa! Came here via Jingles. Love your page and the cartoons. Lots to read here over the weekend.


  3. Houndstooth wrote: <

    I want The Beautiful Trixie! She is the dog of my dreams! If you are selling Trixie, consider her sold, at ANY price!



  4. Wow. Who could look at these two and say “no”. Whatever you want. Just name it and it’s yours. (I think my heart just melted).


  5. Wow… I hardly know what to think.
    PeeS… Dennis I think you should give up your wandering ways and help me chase rabbits.


  6. Of course we won’t be able to refuse, not only do you two look very authoritative, you actually somehow managed to hypnotize me. Are you sending out any mysterious rays???


  7. Wow! Just plain photos? We were preparing to figure things out….but wow! Look at you two….very convincing…ok…what ever you want…we’re in 🙂

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose


  8. WOW! You’re not kidding! Awesome picture and perfect quote. I’ll do it, I’ll do it! 😆 Thanks and Cheers and Namaste. 🙂


  9. Yikes! Yes, yes, okay, we’re handing over our biscuit bones and chews, please don’t hurt us…..! Hey, we’re just kidding, we know you’re not the aggressive types, BUT if we ever need you for backup can we call on you?! 😀 Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.


  10. Hi Dennis, I reckon if Ticker’s involved it must be a request for food. The 2 of them posed beautifully for this photo


  11. Ummm… That’s Tucker. what sully keyboard unventor would pit the I next to the U anyway. U woild have sipirated thim firthir apart


  12. Look at those faces.. my heart has melted…………….

    Licks from me!!



  13. Dennis! Finally! A post I understand. Extreme cuteness.



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