its the sunday awards and meem show name game forth of julie edishun!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay welkum to the sunday awards and meem show forth of julie edishun!!! now i am not shoor hoo julie is or why their ar for of her or why the forth wun gits a holiday but their yoo go hoo nos why hyoomans do wot they do not me!!!

ok now this week we hav a speshul show its the naym gaym meem wot wuz started by my frend frankie furter!!! now tucker has had his naym sinse he wuz a baby and trixie kaym frum the pownd with her naym and so i am going to tel yoo the storry of how trouble and the layt pooh bear and dennis the vizsla got there nayms insted!!! oh dennis the vizsla is me of korse!!! ok lets start in kron … krono … wel lets start in the order in witch the animals arrivd so that meens pooh bears naym goze first!!!

ok now pooh bear is the first kitty wot kaym to liv with mama and dada menny menny yeerz ago wen they livd in the mithical land of noo york as yoo can see frum theez old pikchers this was in the erly days of fotografy and so it is not wel dokyoomented:

a yung pooh bear trying owt a ‘medisinal’ catnip bag

now pooh bear wuz ternd into a pet store wot sold fish and rodents but not puppies or kitties by her owner hoo cudnt keep her ennymore at the time her naym wuz not pooh bear it wuz spooks!!! she duznt luk spooky to me wel not enny spookier then enny other kitty ha ha mama saw pooh bear in a krate on the floor of the pet store and went to say hello and the kitty then nown as spooks started tawking to her going meh meh meh and answering wenever mama sed sumthing so of korse mama had to hav her on akkownt of mama is a pushover for stuf like that!!! so soon spooks moovd in!!!

the kitty formerly nown as spooks enjoys resting in a boks in the sun wot proovs she is not a vampire

she kept the naym spooks for a littel wile but eventchooally mama started calling her spook for short and then pooh for short for that and then pooh got lengthend into pooh bear and pooh bear is the naym wot stuk!!! i do not no why becuz she did not luk like winnie the pooh and she duz not like hunny and the naym wuz not shorter then the wun she started with but like i sed hoo nos why hyoomans do things not me!!! sadly pooh bear went to the rainbow bridj just a fyoo weeks after i arrivd heer so i didnt git to no her verry wel but i think she must hav ben a verry verry sweet kitty unlike sum other kitties i cud and wil menshun!!!

ok so after gitting pooh bear mama and dada deesided she needed a frend so dada went to the pownd to luk at other kitties he saw wun he liked but that kitty wuznt reddy to be releesd yet so the pownd told him to come back layter and wen he kaym bak the kitty he wuz going to git had misteeryusly disapeerd!!! however another kitty at the pownd got dadas attenshun by yowling at him and kliming up the frunt of her kayge and sticking her arms owt as far as she cud reetch them gess hoo that kitty wuz???

this clock is ticking and it annoys me

dada brawt this kitty home and they naymd her trouble becuz after her kayge kliming performanse they thawt she wuz likely to klime up the kurtins and swing frum the hanging fixtchers as mama put it however it ternd owt that she had expended all her kliming enerdjy to git dadas attenshun and never got into mutch mistchif agin after that!!! at leest not until she tuk up soopervillany layt in life ha ha!!!

bendy cat is bendy

beeing sutch a cranky kitty i wil bet that trouble terrorized pooh bear and kept her in a stayt of konstant feer am i rite???

trouble the kitty with sumwun she akchooally likes!!!

ahhh my eyes!!! my eyes!!!

ok now last up is me dennis the vizsla now as i am shoor yoo no i wuz ummmm not in the best shayp wen i first kaym to liv with mama and dada on akkownt of i had ben abandond in a canyon in the desert with my brothers and sister yoo can reed all abowt it heer but it is a sad storry all arownd!!!

me on my first day as a foster dog

i didnt hav a naym wen i wuz fownd so my fyootcher mama hoo is now just nown as mama was calling me the old man however my fyootcher dada hoo is now just nown as dada did not think i wuz old and he kept saying “im thirtyseven im not old” witch is of korse a kwote frum the faymus dokyoomentry monty python and the holy grail the line is spoken by a man naymd dennis the konstitooshunal pezzant and so they started calling me dennis!!!

and the rest is history!!!

now evrywun hav a sayf and happy forth of julie and remember dont git skayrd wen stuff starts eksploding its just julie firing off her crazy littel rockets to selebrayt that batman has ben arrested!!! ok bye

35 thoughts on “its the sunday awards and meem show name game forth of julie edishun!!!

  1. Dennis, that’s AWESOME!!! We had No Idea that you were named after the Constitutional Peasant!!! You are So Our Hero!!! We also think that ‘Trouble’ is such a cool name – we pay homage to Trouble the Kitty, as she well deserves. And we are sorry that we never got to meet Pooh Bear (funny how ‘nicknames’ are longer than real names… Mom calls Abby ‘Scrabbacus’ – as in “No, I’m Scrabbacus; No I’M Scrabbacus”. Weird humans.)

    Happy Forth Julie!!!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Mutant Puppy


  2. BTW, Mom just watched the Monty Python clip – she actually hasn’t seen the movie in years, despite frequent using quotes from it. She was in tears. Absolute tears. “Some watery tart handing out swords isn’t a basis for a viable political system.” I think you made her day! And while you have always been our hero, now that we know the story behind your name, you are SO our hero!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Mutant Puppy


  3. BOL! You are named after THAT Dennis!?! Mom is some kind of geek and knows all the lines in the Holy Grail. Don’t get her started, she just keeps going… Anyhoo, nice to be named after such a diginified (altho mud-covered) chap.

    Brutus & Carmen (the Frenchies)


  4. We love Monty Python, just always thought you were named after “the Menace.”

    Happy forth Julie. And Trouble may have brought in a reinforcement. Not that one is needed.


    1. hello jan its dennis the vizsla dog hay lots of peepul think that but wen i wuz first heer i wuz so sick i didnt hav the enerdjy to do enny mistchif!!! it wuz just a bizarr koinsidense that i ternd owt to be a mennis to furnitcher and stuffies and clothing and shoos!!! alledjedly!!! ha ha ok bye


  5. My Mom said the person who would have been my Grandma if she had lived, liked to say Forth of Julie also, so it has a familiar ring here at our house. I had no idea you were named after THAT Dennis and thought you were named after Dennis O’Houlihan a famous Irish professor who couldn’t spell either.

    Cheers and very best wishes from me to you, Dennis!



  6. Hi Dennis – we’re having so much fun all over the blogsphere finding out how our pals got their names. 🙂 We love that you were named after the constituional peasant from Monty Python’s Holy Grail – kewlll!! 🙂 (We can’t see the vampire photo – it’s coming up as ‘unavailable’ – makes us wonder how truly terrifying it must be!! :S ) Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.


  7. You’re named after Monty Python? Dennis, I didn’t think it was possible for me to like you any more, but I do! That is just awesome! I would stay away from that particular Julie if I were you, though!

    Yeah, Bunny is really tiny in real life. She’s about fifty pounds and can walk under Blueberry on a good day.


  8. Um, firstly, do you thinks that Trouble had anything to – you know – “do” with that other kitteh that “mysteriously disappeared” when your dada went back? I think maybe it mighta been all a parts of her master plan to control the universe and all.

    And nextly, I think it is the most awesome thing in the whole wide universe that you were named after one of those ker-azy peoples in “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.” I luvs that movie cuz it makes my mom and dad laugh – a LOT!

    Wiggles & WAgs,


  9. WOW…Dennis you are our hero too…We would have never guessed you were a Monty Python Vizla…

    Trouble was very, very, very well named!!!

    Smileys & Snuggles!
    Dory, Bilbo and Jacob


  10. Hey Dennis, it’s Frankie Furter’s cousin Sarge. Great name! Love that you came from Monty movie… at least you weren’t turned into a newt…even if you got better! Run away, run away…
    Grr and Woof,


  11. Those are some really cool stories about the names all you guys gots. Dennis, you are so furry lucky to have found your momma and dadda. You should cross your paws eFURy day that you have them to ♥ you.


  12. Interesting story, Dennis. I always thought it was the Menace too.

    At least you all are not afraid of all the fireworks! I am not either and I am only 12 lbs. Small and mighty they call me. My housemate, Sadie, is 60 pounds of hyperactive Lab and needs an overdose of sedatives each July 4th to prevent her from injuring herself. She is so afraid of all the noise she hyperventilates and runs into walls and doors.


  13. What a great post! And aren’t all cats named Trouble? – I am cornfused!
    You look at least a bazillion times better now Dennis – thank Dog for mama and dada’s TLC!!


  14. You being named after a character in a Monty Python movie explains a lot. Just saying.

    P.S. – So glad your mom and dad adopted you so that we could hear all of your adventures. If you had gone somewhere else, your adventures might not be so famous.


  15. Hey Dennis, that Trouble kitteh is what you call a sleeper I think. Yuh, she was sent to torment you but waiting years until she started in. I think she had to be activated, but no doubt she was recruited at the orphanage after showing off her climbing skills.



  16. Help help I’m being repressed! Funny Monty Python. Great to know the family history thank you for putting that together. The pictures where nice too of pooh bear in the sun. I agree 37 in NOT old. :+)


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