loot frum belgium!!! but not chocolates!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel this has ben a gud week for loot!!! first flat tony gayv me sum buks to reed and then i got a packadj in the mayl frum my frends el’bow and hauwii in belgium!!! i hav started reeding the buks and i dont reely no wot they are abowt yet it seems to mostly be a bunch of unrelayted wurds strung together sort of like the faymus nonsense buk portrat of the artist as a yung man but if dada cud finish the broke cycle i can finish the oxford inglish dikshonerry!!! but enuf abowt that lets luk at the loot wot kaym in the mayl!!!

before opening the packadj i of korse had to inspekt the envelope on akkownt of it kontaynd menny intresting kloos as to wot mite be inside ok heer is the frunt of the envelope:

ok so as yoo can see this envelope inkloods three pikchers of the faymus belgian detektiv hairkool pwaro and also has menny instanses of filosofical terms on it so kleerly it kontayns sumthing misteeryus and filosofical!!! let me ask my frend robert langdon wot he thinks of it!!!

ok now lets analyze the other side of the envelope!!!

wow the riddel of the packadj growz ever more misteeryus!!! robert langdon wot do yoo mayk of this???

ummm thanks robert langdon for that brillyant analysis wot i did myself ok now the moment yoo hav all ben wayting for lets luk inside the envelope and see wot the loot reely is!!!

oh cool!!! we hav a holograffik meemo pad wot i can yooze for riting notes abowt my adventchers and we hav a littel knit bell and oh boy a rope toy!!! on my flyball teem we dogs luv to play tug with owr handlers after a run it is how we reward the hyoomans for a job well dun!!! meenwile i hav put the bel up on dadas shelf with his stufd animals and ninja hedjhog gods and wotnot!!!

hey robert langdon wot do yoo think abowt the holograffik meemo pad???

thanks so mutch el’bow and hauwii!!! ok bye

30 thoughts on “loot frum belgium!!! but not chocolates!!!

  1. whahahahahahaha
    that was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny 😀
    we are glad that you like it well the bell is a little squid :p
    but it a bell to 😀

    well we want to send some belguim sprouts but the post man says no food in small envelopes 😦

    well enjoy it
    and that famouse man ?tom hanks??? is not that clever hahaha

    El’bow & Hauwii


  2. Dennis,
    it’s a little bit crazy but it makes sense!And no chocolates inside, amazing discovered, I’m intrigued about the book, it’s like magic stuffs.Maybe it can turn on in another stuff, and don’t forget of chips! 🙂 It’s very Belgium!

    Loved this story and the gifts are cute!Lucky Dennis!

    I’m your fan!


  3. Hi Dennis – oh wow, getting parcels is just SO much fun! We know this first-paw – it’s the best! You got some great stuff – that tug rope looked FUN, we hope to see some action photos soon! 😀 Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.


  4. If this is Monday, it must be the Belgium parcel post –

    Woo should have posted this on Tuesday!

    PeeEssWoo: Great Loot!


  5. Dennis, I think you lucked out, although when we get envelopes from Sweden, they DO have chocolate in them! One of life’s great treasures! I still think you got really cool loot, especially that squid!

    BTW, are there any more of your dada’s books in ebook form? We only found one, but you’d know better than we would!


  6. Its just way too bad that you didn’t get Belgium Chocolates because they are poison to all dogs and cats. Then you would have a good excuse to send them to me in Minniesnowda and I could eat them! I know your Mama and Dada would never eat such no-nos in Front of You Dogs so its just natural you would mail them to me.

    Stella’s Mom


  7. Wooohoooo Dennis
    that is an ultwa cool package..So what did the faymoos detective Haiw cool Poiwot wite to you???
    He is one of my idols you know..thewe was even an eppi soda of his made fow TV movie whewe he was assisted by BOB, the wiwy fox tewwow
    El’bow and Hauwii awe gwesat fwiends, but that Langdon guy isn’t too bwight in my opinion.
    Enjoy youw loots

    smoochie kisses


  8. atleast you did not get brussel spouts.
    You got some cool stuff from your friend and that is amazing
    Lucky for all of you at the Dennis the visla household.

    Your dad writes books that is cool too



  9. Cool, Cool, Super and UBER cool beans, Sir Dennis! Thanks for sharing your booty and making me laugh! Cheers and Namaste. 🙂


  10. way kool loot dennis! herah, take a note on your new holograffik meemo pad- back off Robert Hayden get your own Belgium furriends!

    therah. i feel bettah.



  11. Wow they are awesome presents Dennis. Is the bell for Trouble to play with??? Or you could attach it to here so you would know when she is sneaking up on you


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