to the harbor!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am kontinyooing to reed those buks wot flat tony and i think i hav figgerd owt the plot apparently its sum sort of gidelines for spelling wurds!!! i hav never herd of sutch a thing!!! it is slow going but i wil git thru it!!! meenwile not long ago mama and dada tuk us dogs down to oshunside harbor for a wawk with tuckers stroller chek it owt!!!

for owr wawk this time we went arownd the bak side of the harbor ware their ar not as menny shops and restawrants and so yoozhually not as menny peepul however on this day it wuz verry nice owt and lots of other peepul wer owt wawking inklooding with menny dogs!!! i gess that must be why they put up doghowses along the sidewawk!!!

snoopy is not at home!!!

the first thing we saw beesides the doghowses wuz this nice littel fellow hoo wuz giving evrywun hoo kaym by a harty welkum!!!

heer is viddyo of him welkuming us!!!

i am shoor the littel dog wood hav ben doing the eksakt saym thing even if he wuznt beehind a lokd gate and a moat!!!

ok wel mooving on we of korse brawt along the sag wagon aka the cherryott of whiner aka tuckers cart!!! but for the most part he didnt want to ride in it so he must hav ben feeling pritty gud!!!

tucker is on sum noo medikayshuns to help his liver and it seems to be helping him becuz he has ben more annoying laytly than he has ben in a long time!!! we just stopd to rest sevral times like wenever we fownd shayd witch sinse most of the trees ar palm trees yoo tayk shayd ware yoo can find it!!!

shayd: yoo ar dooing it rong

a nine inch wide stip of shayd stil kownts as shayd in suthern kalifornya!!! ok mooving on in this pikcher yoo can see sum welthy pidgins resting on there yacht wot they ar in the process of paynting a luvly shayd of white and grey

on the gud ship pidgin poop it is a yacht it is not a sloop …

hay pidgins git bak to wurk!!! that yacht is not going to paynt itself!!! slackers!!! ok now later on we fownd reel shayd under the best shade palm ever chek it owt!!!

“stil life with dada forgitting the flash”

their wuz room for all of us under their in the shayd of the tree despite dadas jigantik hat wot thretend to push us all into the pasifik oshun!!! we rested and had drinks and watchd the boats go by and jenerally chilld owt

and got told to sit down by dada like in this pikcher ware dada is giving me the hand signal to put my tail on the grownd:

oops ha ha i gess i didnt see that jestcher dada!!!

we spent kwite sum time haynging owt under the shade palm and rekooperayting frum all that wawking

and also watching for skwirrels


but it wuznt a skwirrel it wuz just a salty dog on his way owt of the harbor in his zodiak boat

yo ho yo ho a pirates life for me

bon voyadj salty dog!!! dont forget to rite!!! oh wayt yoo dont hav thums wel maybe yoo can send us a peemail in a bottel like in the old song by the faymus minstrels the police!!!

hay dada why ar yoo mayking gaggin noyzes do yoo not like the ideea of finding a bottel ful of peemayl frum salty dog washd up on the beetch??? wot hav yoo got aginst salty dog??? wel ennyway at that poynt it wuz time to hed bak and as yoo can see tucker wuz starting to feel a littel bit tired

and yoo no wot that meens!!!

soon we wer back at the car and reddy to hed home and tayk a nap becuz all that napping under the palm tree reely wore us owt!!!  and that meens it wuz a gud day!!!  ok bye

29 thoughts on “to the harbor!!!

  1. Hey, What’s the deal with Tucker’s liver? Has he been drinking? My liver is too small and I take some meds that are really just natural stuff. Lots of milk thistles and stuff like that.



    1. hello sophie its dennis the vizsla dog hay yes tucker is on milk thistle and sumthing calld sam-e and they seem to be helping him!!! the produkts ar calld marin and denosyl!!! ok bye


  2. So many adventures in one day that I got tired just reading. And I was worried that the sun would accidentally shine right on dada and maybe he would ignite or something. Yuh. Totally.

    I hope Tucker had sun block on his snooter on the ride back because it looks like it was getting some sun even in the Tucker mobile.

    Dennis! PeeWee would be proud of you all jumping up and putting your point nose in dada’s face. Next time go for the eye socket. Gets a more exciting response and if you are lucky, a flying lesson.



  3. Oh Dennis, I must say that I troooly Njoy al u r pocts butt I Much preeefur this kind ofur u r moor “normal” advenchurs. And I reeeelee hope u doughn’t studee da spling stuffs caws I luv the waaa u do it. OK????


  4. Hi Dennis – hey, pigeons in your neck of the woods are much wealthier than pigeons over here. Gosh, we’ve never seen any that own an yacht before, we’re impressed.:D Looked like a great – if slightly hot! – day out for you all. Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.


    1. hello jammer5 its dennis the vizsla dog hay close it is oshunside wich is sowth of the mithical sitty of newport beetch!!! and we eet wotever we can git owr teeth on!!! ha ha ok bye


  5. Hey Dennis! What a great walk you had! We went for a walk last night after the sun went down and it was still too hot to get far! I am mighty jealous of those pigeons with all that money to poop away! I’m curious about one thing. What do your dada’s tonsils taste like? It looks like you got a good taste in there with that kiss you planted on him!

    We found the books! Thanks! 🙂


  6. A great day by the water, Dennis. I wish my momma would take me to the water, even though I am afraid of the waves. It is TOO hot. Your friend, Maggie the Vizsla


  7. Great outing to the harbor… and you have a cute welcoming mascot too! Did you guys have a little picnic under the shade?

    Licks, hero


  8. You are so right Dennis…napping is ever so tiring!!! Hope you got to rest up when you got home!

    Smileys & Snuggles!
    Dory, Bilbo and Jacob


  9. Wow – what a pretty harbous although I can feel the heat just LOOKING at the pictures!! I think it’s so good that Tucker can still get to go on adventures with you by riding in his cart. Hsin-Yi says maybe it’s just as well that Danes can’t live very long and most die of scary sickies like cancer or heart problems before they get really old – coz she doesn’t think there would be a cart big enough for old Great Danes – not unless it was a caravan! 😆

    Honey the Great Dane


  10. Looks like a great adventure of a day for all of you – love that nose to snooter shot of you and the Dad. We wonder if those pigeons were contemplating how to place their droppings as finishing touches to their paint job.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


  11. That sure was a great adventure! Napping outside sure makes me tired, too. I always have to come in the house and rest up after. hehe


  12. Jes gettin’ back to being able to make commentsz again – that lil pupper sure takes Ma away somethin’ fierce! Thanks for telling some of the roots about Ozyma – that was intrestin and I forgot all about Ozymandias – great poetry – but I can’t believe the previous owner would have know that – ah well – it’s pawsible!!! Love this post – there was so much going on – like the doghouse on the yacht harbor – but the peewee guard was not furry welcoming, huh. I like youses observations from your shade spot and even from the Tuckermobile – glad you’re feeling a bit better Tucker – I hope the new stuff works and seems that it is – that is GREAT! And last thought: Dennis – so impressed that you are reading such a demanding buk. I’m not sure I would be strong enough to carry it to my bed.
    Have a good Wednesday…xoxoxoxo


  13. Hay Tucker that Tuckermobile is grate!! I cant wate until I am old enuff to need wun of those!! Its bad enuff that I have to walk all the way to the car to go fer a ride!

    Yer pal Dozer


  14. The beautiful Trixie didn’t have much to say about this walk. Did she seem like she was having fun? We have to walk to the Pee-oh this afternoon, but it also looks like rain, so we are quite uncertain of our big plans.



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