36 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Tommy Tutone

    1. As part of our ongoing effort to Find Out What’s Wrong With Tucker, we recently got him an ultrasound. It didn’t turn up much except that his adrenal gland was slightly enlarged, which if I remember correctly is what caused us to put him on the milk thistle and Sam-E. The new supplements seem to be helping with his energy, so that’s good. The side effect is that he now has a two-tone paint job, just like my car.


      1. The adrenal is ever so slightly enlarged, but the additional blood test did not show a problem with it. It is his elevated alkphos and alt levels (liver enzymes) that we are trying to get down.


  1. Hi Tucker
    Despite the ultrasound, the ladies love the bald belly look. Be careful… they won’t stop rubbing it.
    norweed without horseradish sauce


  2. Dude! Tucker you look funny! Don’t let Dennis tease you about your haircut, ok? I remember the last time I got shaved like that … I came home from the vets with less “parts” then I went with. I never did find them again. Your friend, Cosmo


  3. Poor Tucker – you look like Dakota did when she had her ultrasound. Took almost 15 months for her coat to grow back. Any thought given to Cushing’s or Addison’s?

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


  4. OMG! I got worried. The adrenal gland is not to be messed with. Just ask Roscoe. I hope Tucker is feeling better. We love his Tucker Mobile!


  5. Patchwork doggie. Are you going to get a tattoo? Hope that you don’t have the bad sickies. Somebody needs to keep Dennis in line.



  6. I think you and Paris should hook up – you have matching ‘dos!
    I sure hope they get your mystery solved so you can be back to 100%
    -Your pal,


  7. Can’t. Look. Away. From. Laser. Eyes.

    Don’t worry Tucker. It’s said that it grows back heavier and thicker…the fur!


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