the feeesta iland oddissy part wun!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am glad evrywun liked my pikchers frum the harbor!!! that is not the only trip we hav gawn on reesently tho!!! not long ago we went to feeesta iland to meet my frend indie frum the flyball teem!!! it wuz a gud time and we got to go all arownd the iland on akkownt of tuckers stroller hay that reeminds me mama rote a revyoo of the sag waggin on the ballistic racers flyball blog if you want to reed it just clik on!!! altho it wuz mostly fun their wer stil sum terrifying moments but lets start with the gud times first ok heer goze

wen we arrivd it lukd like it wood be a typical day at feeesta iland we ran arownd and playd on the beetch neer the entranse witch laytly has ben as far as we cud go on akkownt of tucker wood git tired before we cud even git to the far end of the beetch

but i am gitting ahed of myself let me introdoose yoo to the cast of karakters!!! or as sum mite kall them the yoozhual suspekts!!!

its dennis the vizsla dog!!!

be verry verry kwiet i am flushing birds or posibly sand

and tucker the other vizsla dog!!!

“Surely you don’t expect me to WALK all this way.”

and the beautiful trixie!!!

“Why yes, my tongue has always been this color.”

with speshul gest indie!!!

“I hope hanging out with these weird red dogs doesn’t damage my street cred.”

and now lets git reddy to wawkie!!!!!! and yes tucker yore wagon is heer!!!

“That’s better.”

wel after all that running arownd on the beetch neer the entranse tucker wuz pritty tired so he saddled up his cart for the long and ardjoous trip to the inteeryor of feeesta iland!!!

hay tucker how is the ride in the sag waggin???

“Once around the park, James.”

uh huh that is wot i thawt!!!  ennyway wunse we wer owt in the wilds of feeesta iland indie deesided to go eksploring and then he illustrayted for us the storry of how the prodigal sun gits the treets chek it owt!!!

of korse i am not komplayning becuz we got treets too!!! it is gud to go wawkies with frends becuz then their ar more treets to go arownd!!! now as i am shoor yoo ar aware sandy eggo is a semi airid reedjun witchmeens yoo hav to rely on oasiseses and cashes of refreshments in order to survive as yoo can see us dogs hav bekum kwite adept at this!!!

now for those of yoo hoo may find yoreselvs trapd in sutch an environment heer ar sum vidcaps to help yoo unnerstand how yoo to may survive by eksployting natcheral resorses sutch as trash bins and unkollekted poo!!!

“Hey Indie, what did you find?”
“Hey Dennis, what did you find?”
“Do I eat it? Do I roll in it? Do I pick it up and bring it to mom?”
“Hey Tucker, what did you find?”

wel i am afrayd that is all we hav time for today but toon in tomorrow for part doo of this sereez in witch we find owrselves at the bak end of feeesta iland also nown as akross the channel frum see wurld and my nemesis shamoo this is ware misteeryus and terrifying events begin to unfold heer is a prevyoo to hawnt yore dreems!!! the horror!!! the horror!!!

holy cow did that rock just moov?!?!?!?!?!!

toon in nekst time if yoo dare!!! ok bye

26 thoughts on “the feeesta iland oddissy part wun!!!

  1. I spent many a day on the island, including the never to be missed over the line tourny. Nothing can compare to the miss emersum contest, or the unprintable names of the teams that show up from all over the planet. Dennis, if you go to it make sure you put blinders on your master 🙂


  2. So far so good. Looks like just another fun day at the beach. I am scared to tune in tomorrow.



  3. Oh yeah, I forgot to say, that lady dishing out the treats is really slow. She needs a better treat machine for sure.


  4. Wow, Tucker is so lucky to have his own transport!! Those treats are good, Peri and Gilly run quickly back for treats too. It is great to go walking with your friends!!


  5. Oh Dennis – I need to come back and read this post properly but I just wanted to tell you: I’ve tagged you & your gang to play a game (well, 2 games actually) – come on over to my blog to see what it is! (at least…I hope you haven’t played it already?? I don’t remember seeing you play these but I know I’ve missed a few posts lately…)

    Honey the Great Dane


  6. Oh, Dennis – you are quite the hunter & explorer! Can’t say quite the same for Tucker… Tell me, does he have some fuzzy dice hanging in there BOL? Never been in sand myself, something tells me it would feel pretty icky between my toes.

    Brutus the Frenchie


  7. When in doubt on the ‘eat it, roll in it, or bring it to Mom’ question, I generally opt to eat part of it and then bring the rest to Mom so she can see what I’ve been eating. That way everyone can share in the excitement!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Mutant Puppy


  8. of course, this was fun; thank you for posting videos and pics…Indie loved the ride in Tucker’s stroller;-))


  9. Hi Dennis – wow – I’ve never visited an island – how lucky are you! My human says that island’s landscape looks like the very first Star Wars movie. OK – am off to see Part 2!

    Honey the Great Dane
    ps. I had a giggle at your last picture – your body language looks just like me when I come across a strange thing! 😆


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