the feeesta iland oddissy part doo!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay as promissd heer is part doo of owr trip to feeesta iland!!! now at this poynt we had reechd the bak side of the iland and we tuk the sag waggin down to the beetch akross the channel frum see wurld this is a fun beetch ware the sand is yoozhually hard and yoo can run arownd on it pritty gud check it owt!!!

see eeven tucker wuz gitting into it!!! the water heer is calm and gud for wayding as yoo can see heer!!!

however things began to go awry wen i notissd that a krool evil wikkid rock had tayken up residense in the shallows!!! it luks to me like sum sort of feendish plot by my nemesis shamoo hoo livs on the other side of the channel!!!

as yoo can probly heer mama and dada wer kompleetly oblivius to the thret they wer like oh go see it dennis!!! go put yore nose on it so it can bite yoo and drag yoo under the water!!! wel i wuz having nun of that i can tel yoo!!!

if yoo ar so intrested in it why dont YOO come and tuch it???

however wunse i reealizd their mite be treets involvd i cowboyd up and tuchd the rock and livd to tel the tail!!!

hmm this rock appeerz to be inanimat

i eeven yoozd it to demonstrayt my mad poynting skilz!!!

luk i fownd a rock!!!

wow that wuz a close wun!!! after the rock insident i wuz a bit ratteld so wen theez strayndjers tried to play with me i had to giv them a firm no thank yoo or ummmmmm posibly i ran away

as yoo can kleerly see frum theez snapshots those socalld frendly strayndjer dogs wer nuthing but trouble!!!

hoo ar tucker and trixie tawking too???
aaaaiiieeeee a littel dog hoo i do not no wants to play with me!!!

but i wuz not beeing chikkin!!! i wuz beeing proodent!!! wel ennyway i gess mama deesided i needed sum confidense bilding after that so she borrowd her frends rubber chikkin and we playd with it in the water for a wile hay mama verry funny with the hole chikkin thing yoo thawt yoo cud slip that wun past me didnt yoo??? luckily the chikkin wuz pritty fun to retreev!!!

but then oh no disaster!!!

thats rite indies ball floated off into the bay!!! oh no it is so far owt!!! no wun can wayd that far!!! the bal is lost lost i tel yoo!!! oh but wot is this??? an entire pak of other vizsla dogs just happend to come by at that verry moment!!!

“What’s wrong, Indie’s Mom? Did Timmy fall down the well?”

and frum this pak of vizsla dogs a hero emerdjd!!!

hooray for savannah the other vizsla dog!!!

i cud hav dun that. if i cud swim. or if this wer a flyball korse insted of the oshun.

so in the end the bal wuz reeternd and indie wuz happy!!! but now we had to mayk the dawnting jurnee bak across feeesta iland to the car!!! toon in nekst week to see if we all mayd it bak!!! heer is a littel teezer to wet yore appetite!!!

“This ride needs chrome wheels and a better stereo.”

hay indie is in tuckers sag waggin!!! oh noes tucker has been sagwagginjackd!!! ha ha ok bye

29 thoughts on “the feeesta iland oddissy part doo!!!

  1. hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i do not no wot is up with wordpress viddyo today it is tayking forever to finish processing my teensy uploads!!! if yoo chek bak layter their shud be viddyo of me valyantly running away frum that smal dog and of me valyantly playing with the rubber chikkin and of the eevil bal of deth trying to loor me owt into the bay!!! ok bye


  2. Dennis! I totally agree with you regarding that rock. It looked fierce and otherworldly to me. However, I must reprimand you for letting a GIRL show you up on the retrieving front. You are never going to hear the end of that one. Sometimes one just has to suck it up and venture into the unknown.

    Are you certain that there is a beagle in the Tucker mobile and not that Tucker has taken on one of his many shape shifting guises?


    P.S. Momma totally was waiting for this blog at the work place. Yuh, made her day.


  3. We’ll check back, because we TOTALLY want to see the Evil Ball of Death, and the Clearly Evil Small Dog Who Wanted to Play With You. BTW, Mom says if you put chrome wheels on Tucker’s ride, the salt air might do bad things to the chrome…

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Mutant Puppy


  4. I’ll definitely check back for the videos!

    How cool that you found some other Viszla dogs! The girls would have been thrilled if we’d found some other Greyhounds to play with, and Morgan has met a few Shepherds she liked.

    How long did it take Tucker to get used to the Sag Wagon? And where did you find it? Lilac has let it be known that she doesn’t like reclining in the house while the rest of us go out to beat the heat, but no way am I carrying a 55 pound Greyhound home when her back end gets tired!


    1. We bought the sag wagon from PetsMart on-line because our local PetsMart didn’t carry such a large size stroller. The manager at the local PetsMart said we could order on-line and return it to the store if it didn’t work, that way we wouldn’t have to pay to ship it back if it didn’t work out. We could’ve bought the stroller elsewhere on line for a little less money, but we wanted to be able to easily return it if need be, so we stuck with PetsMart.

      We began getting Tuck used to the stroller by giving him treats for hopping in it at home. Didn’t wheel it around or close him up in it, just tossed treats in it that he had to hop in for. When he was hopping in no problem, we zipped up the front with him in it, and kept tossing him treats through the open sun roof as we wheeled it around the house. When we let him out of the stroller, he stopped getting treats.

      Then we took him to a local park, and when he got tired, put him in the stroller. We tossed treats in through the sun roof every few minutes. Eventually after about three trips, he realized that it was good to have a place to ride when he was tired, and then we didn’t have to toss him as many treats. Now he rides without treats being tossed in. We also found that enjoys riding more if the front screen is rolled up (then he is secured in the crate with a strap that goes through his collar).

      I think this stroller would work for a greyhound if they didn’t mind curling up a little. Lilace wouldn’t be able to stretch out, but I think she could still ride comfortably.


  5. Hey Dennis that was very much proooodent of you. I do not feel that a wet rock is something to be trusted either.


  6. Hey cool pictures. It’s nice to see a beach not coverd in oil. All our beaches are since we had an oil rig explode on the Gulf.


  7. Love the vids and pics of all the beach hounds! Dennis, it was a evil looking rock indeed. At first I thought it was some kinda turtle?!? Always good to be cautious when exploring new things, you wanna keep all your toes!


  8. I reckon you should do a remake of “Dog Blanket Bingo!” Dennis can be Frankie Avalon, and Trixie can be Annette Funicello! Brilliant!


  9. Hi, Dennis!
    Sure that rock scared you! And then you ran away from the doggies! Hmmm…
    I enjoyed all the pictures and videos!
    Kisses and hugs


  10. So many Vizlas, so little time!! I don’t think I could push a waggon with Peri Naughty inside!! I thought the rock was a turtle at first!!


  11. You can never be too sure about rocks in the ocean Dennis, just ask police chief Martin Brody. And Dennis, I don’t blame you running, those dogs looked damn right vicious 🙂


  12. Oooh, Dennis, first of all, we have discovered the advantage of having a slow dad who is always behind on blogs. The videos were there!

    But the sheer bravery that you showed with that attacking rock gave the hu-dad an idea for our Sunday blog post. We will, of course, give you all of the credit that is due.


  13. Cool wheels Tucker! I think Auntie Penny needs one of those!

    Like Mango, I’s with you on the rock! I pretty used to them now but sometimes you totally get a scary one!
    Thanks dogness for that other viszla to rescue the ball!

    ~lickies, Ludo


  14. Hi Dennis. I am sorry I have missed your adventures the last few days. I’ve had guests and you know how demanding they can be.

    It sure does look like you had Most Fun! But I don’t blame you for being cautious of that rock. And your dada even said on that movie, “Careful. It might get you.” I don’t think that was prolly very helpful at all. But I’m very much proud that you were able to show that rock who was boss. (Um, it was you – you were the boss – in case you were wondering.)

    Wiggles & Wags,


  15. Oh gosh, Dennis – my human was laughing so hard as she watched you with that Evil Rock – but I don;t know what she was laughing at – I would have been as scared as you too! 😯 Sometimes humans just don’t understand danger when they see it…

    Hey – that was really exciting when those other Viszlas turned up – for a moment, I thought I was seeing double – triple – quadruple…!! 😀

    Honey the Great Dane


  16. I didn’t even realize this post was long until I went over it a second time, it was that entertaining! My favorite part was “the rock” Believe me, I’ve protected my family like this before. We’re heros and we should get extra treats in my opinion.


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