Revenge of the Starch

Having defeated the ace bowler Jesus Quintana in single combat, I earned the right to fly one of the Rylan Star League’s supposedly high-tech StarFighters. Unfortunately, it appears that while the StarFighter may have been high-tech 25 years ago, it is sadly outdated compared to the SpudFighters that Darth Tater is able to launch from the Death Spud; but at the moment it is the only ship I have. Let the battle begin!

I arrive back at Earth in the nick of time, as Darth Tater is preparing to destroy it using the deadliest weapon in the Death Spud’s arsenal!

But I say no! Darth Tater shall not mash the Earth, not while Dennis the Vizsla is around!

The Death Spud unleashes an army of drones against me, thinking my outdated technology will be my undoing; but they do not reckon with my quick reflexes and long years of experience as an adventurer. Not to mention all the time I spend on the PlayStation while Mama and Dada are at work.

Finally realizing that he is facing me, Dennis the Vizsla, and not some random Rylan pilot, Darth Tater comes forth to engage me in a dogfight. Being a dog, I naturally have an advantage; yet Darth Tater seems strangely confident. Does he know something I don’t?

And when he opens his video channel, I learn the terrifying truth!

That’s right — Darth Tater is wearing my fedora! My original one, not the one I borrowed from Centauri and “forgot” to return! And as everyone knows, whoever wears Dennis the Vizsla’s fedora is invincible! Is this the end for Dennis the Vizsla? Will Darth Tater reduce the Earth to mashed potatoes? It seems inevitable — but I am Dennis the Vizsla, and I never give up!

17 thoughts on “Revenge of the Starch

  1. I always KNEW you played PlayStation when your Mom and Dad are at work! Abby and I still have complete faith in you, because I bet Darth Tater has a fake imitation of your fedora. Or it doesn’t work for anyone but you. I’m just saying. And even if Darth Tater is successful, I bet the Earth will be all lumpy, sort of like my Mom’s mashed potatoes, and you’ll have to put lots of butter on them to make them taste ok.


    Thanks for the birthday wishes!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Mutant Puppy


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