its the sunday awards and meem show rekorded in advanse edishun!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay welkum to the sunday awards and meem show rekorded in advanse edishun!!! it is rekorded in advanse on akkownt of i herd that mama and dada ar going off to sum eevent thing in the mithical sitty of sandy eggo tomorrow and so wil not be avaylabul to help me operayt the kamras and booms and key grips and wotnot!!!

okay we hav a pritty short show tooday witch is gud as it is kompeeting for stoodyo time with the kontinyooing saga of my battel against the eevil darth tater so first up we hav sum awards frum the ever jenerus jingle!!! first up is the i am glad we ar frends award!!!

as the song sez thank yoo for beeing a frend my hat is off wont yoo stand up and tayk a bow!!! eksept i am not tayking my hat off becuz yoo no how i like to rock that fedora but i am thinking abowt tayking my hat off and it is the thawt that kownts!!! i wil do as jingle duz and offer theez lawrels and a hardy handshayk to all my frends thank yoo for coming to visit me!!!

the other award frum jingle is the promissing poet award aka the yummy vedjtabuls award!!!

remember kids yoo cannot be a poet or a globetrotting adventcherer if yoo do not eet yore vedjtabuls!!! if yoo like vedjtabuls feel free to tayk this yummy award!!!

ok finaly my frend honey the big dog hoo is mayd of honey tagd me for a naym gaym witch as it happens we playd last week!!! if yoo missd it heer is a link!!!

and on top of that a long long time ago their wuz a post abowt all owr niknayms!!! it wuz so long ago in fakt that it wuz wen dada stil rote his own stuf on my diary of destrukshun!!! that wuz before i bekaym sutch an internashunal dog of mistry and adventcher!!! ennyway if yoo want to reed that heer is another link!!!

and thats a rap for the satterday awards and meem show!!! ok bye

22 thoughts on “its the sunday awards and meem show rekorded in advanse edishun!!!

  1. Dennis I really love your Awards and meem show. It is so…. restful after all your Adventures. Sort of the PAWS that refreshes. I’m just sayin’.


  2. you are one Top Dog! hehe or dogz as the case may be…

    you will need to get put into the Dogs with Blogs hall of fame one of these days hehe


  3. I am reading this on Sunday, so it must have worked out OK, would you say!

    I’d say so!


    Peeess: I wouldn’t do it every week though, I don’t think peoples or pups would like it.


  4. Tucker sure is a stickler for details, isn’t he. Maybe next week you should wait until one minute past midnight to do the show. You know…to keep the peace and all. Good show and lovely awards this week, BTW.


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