the feeesta iland oddissy finali!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel having almost kompleetly sirkumnavigayted feeesta iland and having vankwishd the eevil rock and the scarry littel dog wot wanted to play with me and having kleverly arrayndjd for an entire pack of other vizslas to come along and reskyew indies ball for me we wer reddy to hed bak to the car!!! as yoo can imadjin tucker wuz worn owt by all my heroics and wuz reddy for a littel ride in the sag waggin aka the short bus!!!

as yoo can see eeven at feeesta iland i am stil forsd to wurk they kall it the rekall game but i suspekt it is suppozd to be edjookayshunal or sumthing!!!

mmmm mama has treets!!!!
just hold owt the treet and i wil lasso it with my tung as i go bye!!!

as we neerd the parking areea indie sed he wanted to try owt tuckers sag waggin tucker wuz reddy to walk agin by then so hed shoor!!! at leest that is wot mama sez he sed ha ha!!!

i think indie liked having his own set of weelz!!!

Riding In A Convertible With The Top Down

wel we finaly mayd it bak to the car and trixie and me shoor wer eksawsted after all that not-getting-pushed-around-in-a-wagon wot we wer dooing!!!

i am soooooo tired
trixie is soooooo tired too
we ar going to go home and sleep for a week

and poor old man tucker he must hav ben on the verdj of kompleet kollaps!!! hay ware is tucker ennyway??? oh thats rite he gits to ride up in frunt!!!

ummmm tucker???

“Dennis! There’s some lovely filth down here!”

hay tucker wot eksaktly ar yoo dooing up their???

i mite hav nown!!!

i kiss mama with this mowth yoo no

hay tucker how do those floor mats tayst???

oh that eksplayns it!!! i shud hav nown their wuz an old treet bag down their!!! and thats a rap for the feeesta iland oddissy!!! ok bye

32 thoughts on “the feeesta iland oddissy finali!!!

  1. Hey Dennis! Those action shots of you running bath and forth are cool. I think that game is kind of mean, though. I would protest if it were me or at least try to get to use the short bus in one direction or the other.

    My ride is full of surprises like that empty treat bag too. Always pays to hunt around. Tucker won this time, but you’ll have your chance.



  2. Well I just got here from Mango’s blog – I guess you got home by now, as you seem to be hosting a cool pool party and then some scary stuff happens. But there’s always frightening stuff happening at your place. Can’t wait to tune in tomorrow. We’ve been awfully bad at commenting. My assistant oughtta be fired! Scrolled through your Fiesta posts – what a fun adventure!
    Hugs xoxoxo


  3. Heehee! We really liked the serious tongue action you had going on in your ‘recalls’. Mom must have had most yummers treats, huh? I also loved the picture of you SO TIRED that you were sleeping in a most uncomfortable position. One final question for you; if Tucker rides up front, which one of your parents rides in the trunk?

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Mutant Puppy

    PeeEss: We saw your comment on Brutus’ post about the blancmange, and have decided that you watch WAY too many Monty Python reruns. (Although Mom knew the reference immediately, so I suspect that she may watch way too many Monty Python reruns, too. When she’s not watching The Deadliest Catch, and muttering about crab legs, that is..)


  4. Great action shots! You should be careful running with your tongue out through – that could be dangerous. You know, like biting your toungue, or having your tongue hit you in the eye or something….

    Brutus the Frenchie


  5. fun pics and vids dennis, i enjoyed.. the 2nd image is hilarious and the convertible looks rather cozy. i got a question though, right at the very end it sounded like someone…how do i say? ~broke wind… was that you? 🙂


  6. WHAT? The recall game isn’t a game after all??? It seems to me that I have been Most Duped. Sometimes humans are most conniving.

    I am very much glad to have gone on your super awesome adventure to Feesta Iiland. I wish I could go for reals sometime.

    Wiggles & Wags,


  7. Hey my sister Starr likes to play that recall game as well. She can’t stand if mom and dad are on opposite sides of the dog park and runs back and forth between them.


  8. That is one serious face you have on recalls. We don’t think much about them. We don’t do them either, but that is a different story.

    P.S. – Is the floor mat where your dada keeps his bus fare? Looked like enough change there to buy all sorts of treats.


  9. Hi, Dennis!
    I can see you were working hard with the recall thing!
    I had a good laugh watching Tucker licking the floor mat!
    Kisses and hugs


  10. hey dennis, woo catch flies with that thing?? hehehehehe

    Hey tuckah, nice buttocks!

    cool ride Indie- take me to your leadah.



  11. Ohhhh…Dennis – did anyone ever tell you that you have the cutest little wiggle in your bum when you walk??!! Oh! I can’t believe I’m saying this but I think I’m developing a crush on your bum! Ohhhh….that first video…gotta go play it again!! (swooooon) 🙂

    Honey the Great Dane


  12. guys, can you send me the Indie-anapolis 500 video? omg, so cute. Indie is from Indianopolis originally, Indie indeed!!!


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