stuf frum japan wot isnt elektroniks!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay this seems to be my week for loot on akkownt of i got another packadj frum beyond the see chek it owt!!!

japaneez loot!!! no dada it is not elektroniks go away!!!

this packadj is frum my frend planetross hoo livs in the mithical land of japan yoo may hav herd of japan it is faymus for sushi and playstayshun and godzilla!!!

illustrayshun of the faymus mith of how godzilla brawt sushi and playstayshun to the japaneez ilands

oh boy i wunder wot is inside dada unrap it unrap it unrap it!!!

cardbord with misteeryus karakters on it!!! wot cud this meen??? i no hoo can tel me the anser!!!

robert langdon tuk the packadj away for lengthy study and finaly reeternd with his reeport!!!

so i tuk sophies advise and opend the owter packadjing and luk wot i fownd!!!

a buk frum planetross!!!

the other side of the buk frum planetross!!!

its a buk frum my frend planetross with a kolekshun of his blog posts in it!!!

a representativ paydj of the inside of the buk frum planetross!!!

and luk it has got a note inside it frum planetross to me!!!

thank yoo planetross i wil be shoor to leev this buk at the seen of my nekst krime!!! of korse it wil probly be a krime aginst furnitcher but stil!!! this is verry gud timing becuz i am in need of noo reeding mateeryal having finished with the oxford english dikshonerry erlier this week!!!

i am not going to let sum silly buk tel me how to spel things!!!

but do not wurry planetross!!! i wil be kind to yore buk and wil not shred it not eeven a littel!!! thanks for sending it!!! ok bye

31 thoughts on “stuf frum japan wot isnt elektroniks!!!

  1. Dennis! I visited that blog but hey, it was too deep for the Mango. I am a simple dog. But at least I am not spelling impared.



  2. Dennis, if you get a ghost writer, you can have her write a book for you about you that will tell great tails and give people paws to think about you. It will also make big bucks for your master, and he can then buy you and your dog mates (and maybe the cat) fresh meat parts for you to enjoy.


  3. Wow how cool looks like a really good read! Dennis, maybe someone should open an online E/Blog book store so I can purchase some good books for Makwa. I know she would like to read about Dennis Wild Adventures and look at the pictures. Could be a market. :+) I know we would buy one. :+)


  4. Dennis, Finally we have something to read. These humans only know English. But only you are the Great writer in Dog English. No wonder you have human and dog fans all over the world!


  5. Ok… SUPER GIFT!! BUTT I’m luvin the last pic.. Today the Spelling, tomorrow… the punk chew a shun !!!!


  6. Woah, Japan! They are also good at making weird mayo called kewpie and my mom loves it. Maybe she should just move there if they have great books and godzilla


  7. Oh Dennis, I knew I did not like the big lake. It is very scary. Maybe it is connected with that water where the Godzilla came from. Although I do like sushi either wrapped with pretty things or just plain on the beach to roll in. I do not know the playstation thing. Is that the box where mom keeps my toys? Maggie the Vizsla


  8. Dennis that book is a grate present!! I heer the edjucashun in Japanland is very gud so I am shore after you reed a book frum Japanland you will be even smarter. Mummy bringed a lot of stuff back frum Japanland wen she went but no books jest doodads. That is why she is so dum!!

    Yer pal Dozer

    PS did you know yer pilows and blankys are all on top of the TV?? They is sposed to go on the floor. I thinks yer Dada is a bit confoosed about wut a floor looks like!


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