its the sunday awards and meem show dennis is ritch edishun!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay welkum to the sunday awards and meem show!!! we hav got lots of awards today so lets git started rite in!!!

as yoo can see the eff bee eye has come thru with the munny they promissd me and rest ashoord i wil be spending it to upgrayd the sunday awards and meem show set and fasiliteez!!! now on with the show!!! ok first up of korse is an award frum nun other then jingle!!! jingle mayd a number of pink awards availabul and i tuk this wun it is the yoo hav a big hart award!!!

i wood like to pass this award on to my frend pink daisy and her twinnerer dozer!!! altho dozer probly woodnt like to be calld pink on akkownt of he is a boy dog!!! hay dozer yoo ar not pink yoo ar ummmmmmm salmon yeah thats the tikket!!!

ok nekst up is a big hug frum doraz to all her frends!!!

now i am pritty shoor that all my frends ar also frends with doraz so yoo probly all got this hug alreddy but if yoo didnt pleez tayk it and i wil add sum vizsla kisses to it too!!! and do not wurry that is not the eevil teddy ruxpin it is a nice bear!!! at leest i think so!!!

ok also this is not an award per say at leest not yet but jingle is having open voting for the sellabrayt blogger award for joon so if yoo want to vote for yore fayvrit blogger hoo happins to be a vizsla dog yoo can do so now!!! nudj nudj wink wink say no more!!!

and also this is not an award or meem per say eether but jingle is having a tomayto feest mmmmmm tomaytos!!! nuthing sez summer like tomaytos!!!! eksept for a noo reeality seereez to be prodoosd and developd by dennis the vizsla produkshuns wot is a naym i mayd up just this verry sekund!!!

oh boy this shoor wil be eksiting!!! i wunder wot sort of show tucker has in mind i gess we wil find owt tomorrow!!! ok bye

24 thoughts on “its the sunday awards and meem show dennis is ritch edishun!!!


    please vote for your favorite blogging buddies for

    or cartoon/paining,
    or short stories,
    or food/cooking,

    to have a tomato feast in my blog,
    please visit Jingle at:

    thank you, Dennis,
    thank you, friends of the blogging world…
    Happy Sunday!

    Fish Humor post is here:
    or here:

    smile your day away


  2. OhDennis thanks for the Pink awrd! It matches me! we will have to have a special awrds show just to showcase it!


  3. Hay Dennis thanks fer the Sammon NOT Pink Big Hart award! I likes sammon very very much it is my favrit fish espeshully with rice!! I am a Big Dawg so havin a Big Hart is kwite apropriet!

    Yer pal Dozer

    Pee Ess Altho a tee vee show prize is wun opshun I sugjest using that munny fer treets. Lots and lots of treets.


  4. A reality show? Oooooh! This is going to be exciting! I’ll get Mom to leave the old laptop out for me so I can watch it. I hope it’s like one of those adventure shows, and not like Big Brother! The idea of anybody being locked in a house with Trouble scares me! I wish I could be on it!


  5. Hey there! Those pictures were taken at a friends place they have up there in the Elmira area. The domes there are part of the Elmira College Athletic Center. Utica is close though 🙂

    Olive 🙂


  6. Do you actually know how much cash is in those bags from the FBI?
    Why not leave your Sunday awards and Meem Show as it is, (well, maybe you could replace that couch/chair thing you sit on.) and spend your money on Vizsla Rescue? You could do a lot of good there, or The Medical Fund for Injured Flyball Players, there is another one. Forget the show, and look to the bigger world for places to upgrade!



  7. Oh my! More wild stuff going on here 🙂 With CASH!!!
    Great love seat pals!!!!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose


  8. Congrats to all the winners!

    Don’t forget, we are changing our blog today. Please update your reader to follow


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