29 thoughts on “Overheard Around The Boardroom

  1. Tucker, I think ANY of those shows would be a great big HUGE hit! And why wouldn’t the contestants want to buy you treats instead of keeping the green papers? Unless they were just selfish, selfish humans and you wouldn’t want them on your show anyway.

    Wiggles & Wags,


  2. Everything OLD is NEW again….
    PeeS. I was surprised that Bunny’s mom was back to school after only 5 weeks Parole … ummm I mean Vacation. I’m thinkin’ she must work in one of those stoooopid year ’round schools. Heck, my mom needed more time than that.. she Laughed and danced for the furst 5 weeks and Cried for the Last 5… Nope… JUST 5 weeks would never have worked for her. BOL BOL


  3. This looks like a good Fall Lineup. Well, except for the Race to Find Dennis. I don’t want them hiding you again, Dennis. Can I be a contestant on Lap Swap?


  4. Oh, Dennis! I’m thinking you don’t want to be the star of this show! Maybe you should send Trouble instead!

    Yep! Frankie’s right! Year round school with only five weeks summer parole. But October is just around the corner with three weeks off again! Then three weeks off at Christmas and another three weeks off in the Spring.


  5. How come our board meetings aren’t this fun? Will Dennis be wearing his newest “Cooling jacket”? Might be a difficult hunt since he usually only wears a collar out in public.


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