25 thoughts on “Making Decisions Is Hard

  1. This is GREAT fun Dennis 🙂 – we’re on the edge of our seats and we can’t wait to find out which one gets the vote….! Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.


  2. I’m always up for slapstick comedy, so I couldn’t resist voting for whack-a-dog. But I also had to fight the urge to vote for ‘other’. And f.i. let Dennis do a representation of ‘Rain Dogs’ from Tom Waits.

    “The Rum pours strong and thin
    Beat out the dustman
    With the Rain Dogs
    Aboard a shipwreck train
    Give my umbrella to the Rain Dogs
    For I am a Rain Dog, too.
    Oh, how we danced with the
    Rose of Tralee …”


  3. Dude. I totally dig this show idea. The stuffy one is majorly cool because my bro doesn’t allow me to gut any of his precious stuffies… so I’d like to watch it on the moving-no-smell box thingy. I also submitted some of my own show ideas. I think they should air on Bravo since they have a lot of shows about cooking and food and feasting on there. It would totally work.

    P.S. – I would defintely win a show if it were a competition about screaming at bunnies. I draw crowds of concerned humans when I spot a delicious rabbit! I’m like a professional screamer.


  4. We can’t wait to see which show gets produced!!!

    ….and to see what those ninja hedgehogs are up to….

    Smileys & Snuggles!
    Dory, Jacob and Bilbo


  5. I was very much torn abouts which one to vote for. I think they ALL sounds Most Exciting. Um, except for the Whack a Dog one. I am Most Disturbed that there are two votes for that show. Do you think those were from the hedgehogs?

    Wiggles & Wags,


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