its the sunday awards and meem show elekshun reezults edishun!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay welkum to the sunday awards and meem show elekshun reezults edishun!!! yes i wuz thinking today wood be a gud day to revyoo the reezults of the reeality show pole to find owt wot show my nice reederz wood like to see!!! but first on to the awards and meems see that is wot we in the bizness call a teezer ha ha ok lets go!!!

ok owr first award is the sprinkels on my cupkayk award frum the booker man!!!

the booker man passd this award on to ennywun hoo duznt alreddy hav it so if yoo do not hav a cupkayk feel free to tayk this wun!!!

ok nekst up is the luvly blog award frum jingle!!!

now this award like sum awards do comes with roolz they ar:

  • thank the persun or dog or kitty or rat or goat wot gayv yoo the award
  • kopy the award to yore blog
  • playse a link to the persun or dog or kitty or rat or goat wot gayv yoo the award
  • naym seven things abowt yoo
  • nominayt ten other bloggerz
  • playse a link to those bloggerz
  • leev a komment for those bloggerz letting them no yoo hav given them an award

wel ok seven things abowt me hmmm i am not shoor wot is left abowt me wot peepul dont no but ok heer goze!!!

  1. wen mama and dada go owt and they do not krate me they put wot they call a sakrifishul blanket and pillo owt on the sofa in hopes i wil destroy those insted of the furnitcher so in order to hyoomer them i do so ha ha
  2. rite now i am all coverd in coconut oil to help my furs grow in on akkownt of i am stil patchy after my mayndj frum wen i wuz reskyewd
  3. mmmmm coconut oil
  4. wen i am coverd in coconut oil i like to try to con dada into letting me in the howse so i can roll all over the furnitcher ha ha
  5. if yoo put the lime in the coconut and shayk dem both together it wil mayk yoo feel better or so i am told
  6. i am tayking swimming lessuns!!!  viddyo may appeer sum day if dada can kleer it with the nettwerk sensors ie mama hoo is in the pool with me!!!
  7. i sumtimes refyooz to go in my krate until mama and dada pay the luv taks witch involvs giving me cuddels and smootchums until i am satisfied that they luv me and then i wil go rite in my krate

ok that is seven things abowt me no lets spin the weel of fortchoon and see hoo the ten frends wot git the award ar!!!

  1. daisy the curly cat!!!
  2. velcro the cattel dog!!!
  3. tasneem hoo rocks!!!
  4. tula the monstah!!!
  5. honey the dane hoo is grate like hamlet only withowt the daddy ishyoos!!!
  6. mochi and the mommy!!!
  7. my kwality day!!!
  8. joe stains and tannererer!!!
  9. trippin with rip!!!
  10. and lorenza!!!

ok that is it for the awards and now the moment yoo hav all ben wayting for it is time to reveel the winner of the reeality show pole!!! just let me open the envelope and we wil see — hay hoo is that???

hmm it appeerz that the releese of the elekshun reezults may be delayd!!! ummm i gess evrywun can keep voting wile i try to sort things owt with this yoonited nayshuns representativ hooz naym is oddly similar to the naym of my nemesis joan c bailey!!!! ok bye

29 thoughts on “its the sunday awards and meem show elekshun reezults edishun!!!

  1. OK, Dennis – a teaser is one thing but now we have to wait another whole day??? Hope you are enjoying your lime in de coconut:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


  2. Hey Dennis! I am sure clever Dada can make the blurry face on Mama for your swim club movie. Yuh, I know my momma would not want her swimsuit self on the internets either.

    Better watch out with that cocoanut oil. The Beastie will have you in the blender in no time.



  3. Cupcakes…Coconut Oil…Mmmmm, Doughnuts! Sorry, we all just had a Homer Simpson moment here! Dennis, are there any pictures of you with the coconut oil on? Certain Greyhounds and German Shepherds would like to know!


  4. Dennis- thank you for the award. I am very tired because my mom went kayaking and swimming today. Somehow that made me very sleeepy. But I will wake up later and we will thank you for the award then. Maggie the Vizzzzzzz.z.z.zz…..


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