24 thoughts on “On The Importance Of Checking Identification

  1. It ought to be exciting. If there’s one thing Dennis excels at (besides flyball), it’s fetching and catching toys in midair.


  2. I am not getting a good feeling about the voting. It sounds rigged to me if the winner involved all that running about cracker dog and whatnot. I suppose Dennis will star and the rest of you will be relegated to side kick status. Oh, wait a minute, that’s already the case. Sigh. Senior dogs! Unite! And senior kittehs too.



  3. Good one. Alex Forrest in a picture full of nice pets, is indeed a scary thought. Makes you want to shout “RUN ! Run Dennis & friends” (I can finally see the right side of your pictures again. Different pc.)


  4. So, when does the show debut? I can’t wait to see the first episode of Friendliest Catch. But I was kind of looking forward to Tucker’s “Lap Swap”. oh well, on with the show.


  5. Dennis- I think fetching is way too much work. I like to grab things in my mouth but then I run and make mom chase me. That is fun to watch, because she never catches me. Sometimes then I laugh and drop the toy and then she fetches it. Works good. Maggie the Vizsla


  6. hey wow dennis it’s your favorite reeder norweed!
    I’m hoppin happy it’s the friendliest catch! Can I get a guess spot when you go frog catching or hot dog catching? The only thing I’d warn you against is that lady in the white dress…. she catches rabbits and it’s not pretty.


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