its the sunday awards and meem show frendliest ketch edishun!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay welkum to the sunday awards and meem show frendliest ketch edishun!!! we do not reely hav enny awards and meems today but we hav lots of gests hoo ar wayting to kompeet for those munny bags frum the fbi chek it owt!!!

hay trixie!!! no fare trying to steel kontestants for yore own reeality show ideea it alreddy lost!!! and beesides they ar alreddy gitting the set prepayrd for frendliest ketch owt bak!!! so kut it owt!!! ummmmmmm i meen kut it owt pleez if yoo feel like it alpha dog ha ha ha ha ennyway the show wil start tomorro or as soon as trouble is dun rigging up the ekwipment!!! ok bye

Meanwhile, Out Back …

26 thoughts on “its the sunday awards and meem show frendliest ketch edishun!!!

  1. Why is Lindsay Lohan here when she is supposed to be in the slammer? When I was in the slammer they didn’t let me out to pal around with a bunch of other partiers!

    Back to incarceration, Linds!



  2. Nigel’s going to be on the show? Oh, I’m afraid to know what contestants might catch now! Actually, after a look at a lot of the contestants who showed up, I think this will definitely be the most interesting show on this summer!


  3. yeah um. woo won’t have any contestants if they have to khatch bolders.. yikes. hope efurryone signs a release…

    just sayin.


  4. Leave it to Lilo to crash a party when she’s suppose to be in the slammer!!
    Hey mom went to PetSmart yesterday and saw a baby Viszla! She says she’s in luv!


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