30 thoughts on “Friendliest Catch: Day 1

  1. Oh boy! THis is so exciting. Hey! Is it too late to do lab swap? Well, never mind, they are all the same anyway.

    That Nigel is so baaaad. Hehehe.



  2. Rhinestone collars? Rhinestone collars? Hot diggity dog!
    Yeah be glad your crew is THERE and not HERE beingg boiled and broiled by the almighty SUN. Add in the auto fumes and it’s amoker deluxe for roating and toassting “hot dogs”. Though here in the Kansas City metro area they FAIL with every version of Chicago Vienna Red Hots. Guess it’s just not HOT enough yeet.


  3. This is so exciting! I’m glad Makwa made it OK, she really does lookd traffic and look theirs Lindsay! I can’t wait for Navar to get home to show him Makwa has arrived safe and sound in California. How fun! Thanks.


  4. How exciting! A ceiling cat and a basement cat both on the ceiling!! Milk wants to know if he can help out, he thinks that basement cats need another ceiling cat to take him over to the right side….


  5. OH MY GOSH…dis is hilarious. I was kinda hoping LiLo would violate her parole…ha, what am I talking bout, I thinks hers done did…hehehe!
    Oh I am Puddles, I sees you around so wanted to come by and say hellos!


  6. So who is the Montana dog that came for Sunshine. You would almost think an incarcerated film star would be enough sunshine for a cowboy, wouldn’t you?



  7. Yeah, what is up with the clouds? I thought it never rained in southern California. If you can’t believe the truths espoused in old pop music, what can you believe?!? If you throw some pebble our way, I’m sure Abby will eat them. I’m just saying…

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Mutant Puppy


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