After unexpectedly earning the admiration of Ty Webb, I have had the good fortune to see my regular golf match turned into a Frisbee golf match, wherein the disadvantage presented by my lack of thumbs will be neutralized and my mad jumping and mouth-catching skills will come to the fore. I now have every confidence that I will be back in my office before the end of the day, curled up on my egg crate bed with my favorite stuffie while undergrads queue up outside to be regaled by tales of my adventures. Let the game begin!

As we prepare for our match, my opponent, Thornton Melon, begins trying to find reasons why the match should be postponed, or even canceled.

But I, being Dennis the Vizsla, who never gives up, see through Thornton’s ploy. The match will go on as scheduled! However, I soon learn that the weather report on the iPhone should not be treated so cavalierly as I had done …

The never-before-seen confluence of a bolt of lightning, my metal-festooned hat, and the external antenna on the iPhone 4 produces a bizarre result.

Meanwhile, I find myself in a strange new world … but at least I still have my Frisbee.

The Disc Match of Death? That doesn’t sound like what we were planning to do! It appears that I have somehow been transported into Thornton Melon’s iPhone, where I must play some bizarre game for stakes that are much higher than a simple office! Fortunately I am Dennis the Vizsla, and I never give up, not one single bit!

26 thoughts on “TROG

  1. Good thing you got transported into the iphone, cuz it has lots of cool game apps. The Blackberry just has Word Mole, and well, you know how you feel about rodents.


  2. Oh Dennis! I wonder what kind of app secrets you can grab while you’re in there! We’re cheering for you to win. I had no idea the stakes were going to get so high!

    Yodeling! *snicker* We need to see a movie of that! I feel the same pain when Lilac starts her barking at about the same hour!


  3. Dennis you and your dad are alike…. you neither one Ever give Up. I saw your comment on Sallie’s blog. My mom has EVERY Single Rejection Slip she Ever Ever got. And the One.. PHONE CALL… just lives in her bestest ever MEMORY BANK. hehehe


  4. I was going to say that hat was pretty cool, but I guess it got really hot for a second there. I hope it survived, it made you look so… debonaire!


  5. LOVE frisbee golf too, Dennis (and Ma just watched C’Shack last evening heheh)- we know you will never give up – this story is just too good! (Sawries again that we’ve been so MIA – a lot much has been going on over here and we’ve barely blogged or commented and feel furry badly…) Yeahyeah… Ma’s goin’ through her guilt thing again!
    Woofs xoxoxo
    Sammie and the crew


  6. Hey dennis it’s your fav reeder norwood
    Maybe you should download the extra lives app- just in case the trog game ends quickly!


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