27 thoughts on “The Friendliest Catch Awards Show

  1. Well, congratulations to the winners. The living ones, that is. This is the strangest awards show we’ve ever attended. usually they give a prize to the winners but at this one you fed the onlookers Doritos. Thanks.


  2. Please pass me a bag of Doritos. Crunch, crunch, crunch. Why are my fingers orange? :+/ A pile of ashes sheesh, glad they signed the waiver. Joan did sign the waiver right?


  3. DORITOS! That’s better than green papers any day! Please pass me a bag.

    Thank you for a most exciting show, Dennis! Um, have you seen my flip flop?

    Wiggles & Wags,


  4. NO! I WON! I know I did! Please forward all the Doritos immediately.

    Hey! Trouble is pretty smart. I agree that Border Collies are not actual doggies.



  5. i wondered why pickles was gone so long and why she smelled nacho cheesy when she got home.

    we’re all so very proud of her back home. can’t wait till the all star season!


  6. Ohhh Cool Ranch ones for me, and Roscoe would like some Nacho Cheese, hey wait I think Roscoe is trying Big Carls Jedi mind tricks on me! He doesn’t get Doritos he didn’t win!


  7. Trouble is awesome! She is the hero of the show. Big Carl the chihuaha and Pink Daisy the pitbull are great names. Too cute. Great series. Still missing Joan.


  8. We are sorry we missed the contest – we reckon we would have won though! We would enjoy some Doritos as a consolation prize.
    We have missed your adventures Dennis and co……
    Martha and Bailey xx


  9. I missed the contest, but my mom went swimming with a half-Vizsla like me named Duke, and she didn’t take me, but I don’t like to swim anyway, so who cares. Maggie the Vizsla


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