28 thoughts on “Just Another Friday The 13th

  1. You vizslas are just darn lucky to have The Beautiful Trixie watching over your home. while you loafers loll on the loveseat and HOPE someone brings you treats.

    I wish the Beautiful Trixie would move in with us here in Minniesnowda, and she would have a wonderful life.



  2. Actually, I think the dog on the left may be a schizophrenic maniacal killer. He may not know himself, but he clearly has two personas. One eye is green, and the other a diabolical red. The worse place to be on friday the 13th is next to it on a couch.


  3. Aw ha!!! A doggy treat reminder app! Let me get out my secret coding ring app and start with . . . %$doggyTreat!Appsendphonyboney*^ . . . there. Just dial 724555103299618934636363. It should work. Happy treats 🙂


  4. Well, I for one didn’t even notice that it was Friday the 13th. I slept. It was too hot. My mom did a bunch of stuff, but she didn’t like it. Maybe the heat is what was unlucky. Maggie the Vizsla


  5. I totally missed this one. Just as well as I am always nervous when Friday and 13 meet. Looks like we don’t get another until next May. Whew!


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