its the sunday awards and meem show maniacal killer edishun!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay welkum to the sunday awards and meem show friday the thirteenth weekend maniacal killer edishun!!! feetchering a speshul selebritty gest of sum sort!!!

this selebritty gest host seems to be the strong silent type like ummm john wayne maybe!!! ill bet that is hoo he is!!! ok now on to the awards first up is an award frum jingle it is the spotlite award!!!

this is wun of those no roolz no wurreez awards so if yoo like it tayk it with no roolz and no wurreez!!!

ok nekst up is the versatil blogger award frum katz tales!!!

now wun rool of this award is that yoo shud tel seven things abowt yoreself but i am fresh owt of stuf to tel wot is not alreddy nown by evrybuddy!!! espeshly now that my deep dark swimming lessen seekret has ben reveeld!!! so insted i wil go rite to the sekund rool wot is to hand it owt to fifteen frends randomly chozen by the weel of fortchoon so heer goze!!!

jake and maggie gyllendog!!!
wild dingo hoo wil maybe be able to trade it for swiss choklit or sumthing!!!
the friggin loon hoo i dont think reely tayks awards but can if she wants to!!!
the purple hatter hoo also duznt tayk awards but stil the weel of fortchoon has spokin!!!
mango the maltese hoo is mutch smaller then mango relentlessly hyoodj!!!
cocorue hoo luvs being a chihuahua!!!
the divine miss l thats l for laila!!!
the other divine ms l thats l for lavenderbay!!!
brutus hoo is french!!!
yet another divine ms l this time l is for laura banana!!!
the kween of award giving jingle yanqui!!!
ludwig van dog!!!
the rattie crew!!!
and those hard wurking refridjeraytor theevz the thundering herd!!!

ok nekst up is an onnerabul menshun for me in jingles selebrayt blogger of benny and joon award thank yoo jingle!!! yoo can also go to visit jingle and see how to leev thawts for her frend viola by reeding this post too!!!

ok last wun for this week is the family is speshul award frum jingle and also a selebrayshun of evrywuns gud frend doraz!!!! sorry i am layt menshuning this doraz!!!

now if yoo wil exkyooz me i hav to go play fetch!!! ok bye

21 thoughts on “its the sunday awards and meem show maniacal killer edishun!!!

  1. who is that handsome doggie in the right corner with the shades on? hmmmm…

    and yes, i gotta do that versitile bloggie post thingie, you and honey have tagged wild dingo and i shall do it! promise! but i’m a wee bit bizzee now… (trying to decide which cheese or chocolate maker i should visit first…)

    tee hee!
    wild dingo


  2. Awwww… How sweet that he’s playing fetch with you guys. See he’s really such a nice maniac after all who’s just a bit misunderstood by the greater community. Lucky for him that dogs see beyond external appearances to what’s inside a person’s heart. Except for Trixie that is…


  3. So sorry I am late to say Thank You and Congrats to all. I am soooo happy you are all well. I am doing my best to get caught up. My mom is recovering nicely from her surgery. I really needed this nice gift from you all. Thank you sooo much. I am smiling. 😎 😀 😉


hello nice reeder its dennis the vizsla dog hay leev me a peemail if yoo want to!!! ok bye

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