loot from the three dogketeers!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel i hav ben so bizzy with frendliest ketch that i hav not yet properly thankd my gud frend dory for sending me sum loot last munth!!! see dory wanted a noo naym for her pack wot consists of her and bilbo and jacob and silly dada sugjested “commander dory and her lost backyard airmen” but surprize dorys dada pikd it as wun of the three finalists!!! and heer i thawt dada wuz crazy!!! this naym didnt win in the weel of fortchoon drawing but commander dory stil sent me sum grate loot chek it owt!!!

oh boy oh boy oh boy wot cud be in the boks??? shoorly robert langdon wil hav an ideea!!!

ok wel lets find owt if he is rite open it dada open it!!!

hmmm i am not shoor this is in fakt ayntchent ejipshun antikwiteez but it shoor is grate loot!!!

wot do yoo say now robert langdon???

oh and luk dory inklooded a nice letter!!!

thanks so mutch dory we do try!!! and just to show evrywun that trouble wuz not left owt and that she duz not spend all her time plotting wurld dominayshun heer is sum viddyo of her with the loot dory sent for her!!!

thanks so mutch for the loot dory it wuz verry thawtful of yoo!!! ok bye

28 thoughts on “loot from the three dogketeers!!!

  1. Now I know why I like Trouble so much. She plays in a reclining position just like me. I am still trying to figure out how to spell antikwiteez



  2. Congratulations on reaching the top contenders. You got some nice loot for #3. Did #1 get a new condo? We’re kidding, Dennis. We think those are really nice prezzies. We’ll have to go see what her new pack name is.


  3. Hey Dennis,Tucker, the Beautiful Trixie Doodles and Trouble:

    You guys are well deserving of this gift and I am glad you got yourself a clever Dad who comes up with novels, stories, serials, and good names. I wish my Mom was half as clever! Maybe I could get some toys in the mail then. We will just keep on keeping on!



  4. Hey, Puddles heres!
    Wowie at da loot yous got. Ain’t it fun to get stuffs in da mail? Yep, sure is. I’m answering myself alot these days…hehehe!
    I’ve nevers had a cu, are they fun?



  5. Dennis, I love seeing packages come to your house! It’s almost more entertaining than getting stuff here. I think your dada is pretty brave, because it looks like he almost lost his hand there!


  6. You are right Dennis — great loot! What a fun package to receive!
    I LAUGHED at the conclusion of the Trouble video!! I saw the title only after I had watched it.
    Funny post!


  7. Excellent loot! And we think that Horace could TOTALLY be the name of a cult leader. Jim Jones? Now there’s a name that sounds like a used car dealer, and most definitely not a cult leader… I’m just saying…

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Mutant Puppy


  8. hehehe so great news!Your friends are really kind, those gifts are wonderful, so nice surprise!
    Hey Trouble, I’m envious here, I loved that red little fish, it’s so cute!
    Great video!
    Enjoy your gifts dear Dennis!
    purrs and love


  9. Gosh, that was Most Terrific treasure! Um, I think you needs to gets some new experts, too. Well, you could prolly keeps that lady but that man has kinda crazy eyes. I liked the video of Trouble but she definitely told your dada to leaves her alone and talk to the tail there at the end.

    Wiggles & Wags,

    PeeS. I like the name your dada made it. It is SOOOOO cool!


  10. I figured I could stay around for a few more minutes. And then of course I had to watch “cat videos”! OMD your Trouble should meet me Trouble-kitten and then they should hold hands and walk off into the sunset together. The end.


  11. Boy they really went shopping crazy at Walmart. You scored a great haul there Dennis & co. I remember Hot Rod Lincoln from when I was a kid, great song by Commander Cody. Just sayin’


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