Barking Away

Here within the world of the iPhone, one never knows what to expect. Just moments ago I was abruptly transitioned from the Disc Match of Death to a mad race on light cycles through a grid-patterned course. But even in the iPhone, some things carry over from the real world …

Apparently even within the iPhone, old and unused applications are reduced to standing on the corner holding signs — even that wise old elf Papa Smurf:

My ruthless foe takes advantage of my momentary lapse of attention to cut me off and force my light cycle into the wall!

Fortunately my training in the art of flyball allows me to escape the crash without injury!

The crash has opened a crack in the wall of the arena; seeing an opportunity, I make my escape — my jail break, if you will.

Once outside the arena, I find myself in the strange, unformatted, interstitial space of the iPhone — a realm where everything goes, and nothing is as it seems. Including, apparently, myself.

But there is no time to worry about this now — TR0UB13 is in hot pursuit of me, and I can hear the rumble of machinery as the iPhone deploys its defenses to bring me back in line. I must hurry on, and find a way out of this silicon prison, before it is too late — because I am Denise the Vizsla, and I never give up!

21 thoughts on “Barking Away

  1. Denise, dear. . .

    Being a girl is a LOT more complicated than a shapely body in a good suit. A LOT MORE!



  2. Great. Apparently jailbreaking iPhones also results in Mom spontaneously talking about old movies. And saying how she really wants to want ‘Tron’ again, because it was really a clever idea, and the graphics were so cool (like a million years ago). *sigh*

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Mutant Puppy


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