32 thoughts on “Do You Have A License For That?

  1. Cable? What’s cable? Hey, my plain old tv has gone totally down the tubes since THE BIG SWITCH to More. Yeah MORE paid programing and a ton of people with urgent needs to profess their faithfulness to their faiths. If that makes them happy so be it. But did those green dudes EAT all the decent scriptwriters or what for regular FREE tv? No matter. I’ve unplugged the moron box and tapped a photo of a gorgeous glaring watchful she-mountain lion on the screen to remind me to not waste any energy or time searching in vain for some distraction.


  2. There’s going to be a show on with shirtless Spanish men? Please let it be the Spanish soccer team and not George Lopez!

    Trouble, it might be a good idea to start hiding yourself in plain sight!


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