Sábado Matinee

Más tarde …

25 Comments on “Sábado Matinee

  1. Other than the “I see you have my stuffie” part, we were completely lost. And our Spanish translator (aka Dad) SUCKS. So I guess we’ll have to wait until the English version comes out. Or maybe we’ll just go watch Law and Order re-runs… Because even if those don’t make much more sense than La Tormenta, we know the plot for those…

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Mutant Alien Pod Puppy


  2. Dennis, you’ve been working out! *rofl* Those aliens really did a number on those cable shows! For some reason, this totally cracked me up today!


  3. This is really good!!!
    I had to bark at my human to stop her from laughing!
    My human says your human had real good taste in selecting the male human body 😉
    but I think you really look better in your real shape!
    Don’t understand the comment about the turtle… I could not see turtles… boh….
    Look forward to the second episode of the soap opera!
    Ciao Lucille


  4. Bueno…. bueno…. bueno…
    Your spanish is… interesting! Haaaa!
    I guess I like more your version than the original one!
    Kisses and hugs


  5. Is that the chick from Almodovar’s ‘Atame’ ? I knew she liked it doggystyle.

    (You can remove this comment if children also follow the adventures of Dennis the Vizsla Dog.)


  6. Since I don’t know a word of Japanese, let me see if I got this right: Woman loves Dennis; Dennis swims with the sharks making woman all hotnessy; woman jumps in plane, but Dennis can’t join her because he’s on the no-fly list for urinating on Dick Cheney’s watercress sammich; Dennis joins up with hotnessy girl and they live happily ever after in a custom doggy-house in LA. Great story, Dennis. Is the book still for sale?


  7. At least the alien apologised, how nice of him. I thought we were gunna be stuck with Spanish forever which is an inconvenience for a non-Spanish speaking person like myself. I must say Dennis you are ruggedly handsome in Spanish


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