its the sunday awards and meem show lingwistik edishun!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay welkum to the sunday awards and meem show lingwistik edishun!!! it has come to my attenshun that satterday matinay was disrupted yesterday by those aliens wot wer brawdkasting telenovelas as part of there kampayn to stop hooever wuz impersunayting them so in order to help evrywun owt i hav brawt in a faymus lingwistik ekspert to translayt the telenovela!!! pleez welkum noted translaytor and langwidj ekspert the roman sentoorion frum the faymus dokyoomentry the life of brian!!!

ok on to the awards!!! first is the versatil blogger award frum owr frends sam and monty!!!

now the roolz for the versatile blogger award as yoo may remember ar that wun has to tel seven things abowt wunself but of korse evrywun nos all abowt all of us by now!!! so i am going to go strait to the weel of fortchoon to do part too of the roolz which ar pass it along to fifteen frends ok heer goze rite after owr first translayshun of yesterdays post!!!

  1. morgan and maisie in the mithical sitty of pittsburgh!!!
  2. didjital muzzle aka cody bear and pickles mama!!!
  3. the luvly and sofistikayted asta!!!
  4. pennycat not to be confyoozd with penny lane!!!
  5. pink daisy!!!
  6. the howse wot has two cats in it!!!
  7. sophie hoo roolz the wurld!!!
  8. mayzie!!!
  9. schnauzer & schnauzer!!!  not to be confyoozd with simon & simon!!!
  10. the jugglers of roses!!!
  11. doggie stylish where the stylish doggies go to pik up stylish aksessoreez!!!
  12. the houndstooth 4!!!
  13. the most far sowth moose lodj!!!
  14. the two dogs wot bark!!!
  15. and the reesently reeternd frum vaykayshun martha and bailey!!!

ok on to the nekst translayshun!!!

hmmm intresting how diffrent peepul can translayt the saym thing diffrent ways!!! ok mooving on i hav a buntch of awards frum my frend jingle first ar too awards wot tucker didnt bother to hand owt last week!!!

its the thank yoo award and frendship award witch wen put together bekum the thank yoo for beeing a frend award!!! just like in the song!!! jingle sed to pass theez awards along to ten frends so heer they ar as chozin by the weel of fortchoon tayk wun or both of them as yoo prefer!!!

  1. the former noo noo yorker hoo is now wurking on a library of her own!!!
  2. martine hoo needs shoogar!!!
  3. a blog in the ruff!!!
  4. dozer and starr!!!
  5. nubbin tails!!!
  6. sonic the dog hoo is not a hedjhog!!!
  7. lavender bay!!!
  8. the always impeccably dressd lorenza!!!
  9. hero the shar pei!!!
  10. and anna the bee girl!!!

and now bak to owr lingwistik eksperts!!!

ok last but not leest ar three more awards frum jingle also to be given to ten frends!!!

the most elegant blogger award!!!
the most kreativ blogger award!!!
the rare frend award!!!

the weel of fortchoon has givin theez awards to the following ten bloggers tayk wun or all of them!!! just after another translayshun of korse!!!

ok and heer are the ten reesipyents of jingles awards!!!

  1. laura the fizzisist!!!
  2. el’bow & hauwii!!!
  3. my boo bear!!!
  4. anya kareltje hoo has ben going thru ruff times with her dada and cud yooze all owr frendship!!!
  5. the cardigans of cooper creek!!!
  6. the dog woods!!!
  7. planet ross!!!
  8. the booker man!!!
  9. joey and tanner!!!
  10. and the tula monstah!!!

and thats it for the awards!!! now on to owr last translayshun!!!

and thats a rap!!! ok bye

24 thoughts on “its the sunday awards and meem show lingwistik edishun!!!

  1. Yes, it is my understanding that humans consider “liver breath” a very bad thing, and further, reject closeness with those who have it.

    Just sayin’.



  2. Grrrreat Awards you got there Dennis. Congratulations… as always, you deserve them!!!
    Hey… my mom says she LOVED… Watership Down!!!!


  3. BOL! Luv your Sunday show, Dennis… I think the Roman Centurion guy is a fake, hehe… congrats on the wardies and thanks for passing it to me too.

    Licks, hero


  4. …and now for something completely different, a special guest appearance by John Cleese!! Woot! Hurrah for all the weiners!


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