23 thoughts on “Rerun: No Earthquake Yet

  1. Our Mom doesn’t even like to hear the word earthquake – she worries too much about her son and family out there in sunny CA. Let’s hope you are very wrong.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


  2. Earthquake? oh my goodness now I have something else to worry about and what is an earthquake anyway because we have Hurricane Early not too far away, and you know I don’t like storms and loud noises and stuff but an earthquake oh my goodness I could never live in California because I don’t know what an earthquake is but it doesn’t sound good, and anyway I already sleep in the bathtub! Ok. Stay Safe. Your friend, Clover

    What’ev dude. Your friend, Cosmo


  3. I remember an earthquake in San Diego in the mid-late eighties. I had a couple of parakeets that started going nuts. About five seconds later, I knew why. If the dogs ain’t freakin’ the ground ain’t shakin’.


  4. No, no, it is a trick to take to you to the tub to have a bath!
    Gosh our humans really use dirty tricks, don’t they?
    How can they threaten such nice creatures as we are?

    PS: nice picture;)

    PS2: truly hope it was just a trick…

    Ciao Lucille


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