santy barbra flyball fotos!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel a fyoo weeks ago i went up to the mithical sitty of santy barbra witch of korse is a town wot wuz fownded by santy claws and barbra streisand in the 1970s and they can stil be fownd their frum time to time eeven to this day!!!

but i digres after all we ar not heer for a history lessen we ar heer for flyball pikchers!!!

now unfortchoonatly evrywun wuz verry bizzy on this trip so i do not hav a lot of pikchers and i dont hav enny viddyo but i wil shayr wot i hav got!!! for instanse this is a pikcher of owr room at the faymus fess parker resort this is in a speshul bilding ware they allow pets!!! isnt that cool??? we hav owr verry own bilding!!!

hoo is wissling the davy crockett theem song???

sweet huh??? the flyball korse wuz nice too it wuz owt on the grass in the rolling hills!!!

as yoo can see their wer menny tents set up

menny of the tents had speshul silvery fabrik to protekt the okkyoopants frum the sun and allow sum privasee as wel

hay git a room yoo too!!! ok wel enuf abowt tents i no wot yoo want to see yoo want to see dogs!!!

“Please don’t take my flower.”
this beeing kalifornya wun never nos wen a gaym of beetch volleeball mite brake out
ZZZZzzzzZZzzzzz …

as yoo can see a gud time wuz had by all!!! oh and happy laborador day evrybuddy!!! ok bye

19 thoughts on “santy barbra flyball fotos!!!

  1. I always heard it was named for Santa and Mrs. Claus (Barbara). You see Barbra Streisand spells her name Barbra and Barbara Claus, leaves in the extra a. Now I don’t have proof of this but you might consider getting Barbra S. to host one of your Sunday Awards show and she could clear it right up. Maybe she would even sing a couple of tunes for us. Whaddya say, Dennis?



  2. Thank You for sharing the pictures with us. Looks like you lucked out finding such a nice room. The photos of the dogs, very sweet. Santa and Barbara, who knew. The last picture reminds me of a beautiful painting.


  3. I am totally loving those reflective caves setup to keep the sun off your fiercely competing self. Holy high tech! Hope you did OK in the competition.



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