noo kareer oppertoonitee!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel as menny of yoo ar aware i hav ben faythfullee korresponding with varyus african bankers and guvernmint offishals in an effort to klaym millyuns of dollers in funds wot ar ritefully sumwun elses but wot they say i can hav however so far all theez endevors hav come to nawt theirfore i hav deesided to tayk the bull by the horns and go into bizness for myself agin chek it owt!!!

ha ha thats rite yoo must respekt my awthoritay!!! i am stil wayting for dada to reply but i am shoor he cannot reesist sutch an offer!!! this shood wurk owt mutch better then my erlier attempts at starting my own bizness like the pig powders faktry on akkownt of this time i do not hav a fizzikal lokayshun wot cud be rayded by ninja hedjhogs!!! so just remember if yoo see valyoobul offers frum dennis it has to be kompleetly ledjitimat!!! ok bye

Later …

21 thoughts on “noo kareer oppertoonitee!!!

  1. Dennis! We’ve been looking for a dealer… let us know where to send payment! oh and don’t tell anyone we need the stuff – it would ruin our rep with the ladies!

    Thanks, dude!

    Sam and Pippen


  2. I wonder if there’s going to be some sort of alien invasion to intercept that Viagra. I wouldn’t put it past Mulder to buy some from you. I recall that he had a certain collection of rather risque magazines!


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