its the sunday awards and meem show!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay welkum to the sunday awards and meem show!!! i hav got just wun award this week so this wil be a short wun!!!

this weeks award is the happy award frum my frend jingle!!!

now the roolz of this award ar to link bak to the persun wot gayv you the award and then list ten things wor mayk yoo happy and then giv the award to ten peepul or dogs or cats or goats or wotnot and i alreddy did the link bak so heer goze the ten things wot mayk me happy!!!

  1. flyball!!!
  2. fetch!!!
  3. cuddling mama and dada!!!
  4. barking!!!
  5. destroying stuffies!!!  ummm i meen playing with stuffies!!!
  6. running arownd like a loonatik!!!
  7. playing with my sister trixie!!!
  8. tayking a nap!!!
  9. dinner time!!!
  10. bothering tucker!!!

ahhh gud times!!!  ok now lets spin the weel of fortchoon and pass this award along to ten frends!!!

and the award goze to:

  1. honey the great dane!!!
  2. rachel of the doggie life!!!
  3. the gyllendogs!!!
  4. pennycat!!!
  5. the happy pit bull!!!
  6. your daily cute!!!
  7. jans funny farm!!!
  8. jb stuff!!!
  9. the poodle and dog blog!!!
  10. sonic the dog!!!

and thats a rap!!!  thanks evrybuddy see yoo nekst week!!!  ok bye

17 thoughts on “its the sunday awards and meem show!!!

  1. I clearly remember my suggestion last week was to get Barbra Streisand to come in as guest host. I bet you didn’t even try to get her, did you, Dennis? I am just in the mood for a good song too! Peepills , Peepills who need peepills are the luckiest peepills in the whirl! Now wouldn’t you love to hear her do that one right in your ear???

    Get with it, Dennis!



  2. Whewwww ! I kept waiting for the BIG BANG or something. Thanks for letting us have a PEACEFUL vs. FULL OF PIECES Sunday. hehehe


  3. Heya Dennis and Tucker,

    Congrats to your Sunday award!!! Boy that hamsterrier must be very fit to be doing all that running…

    Wow all the things you love to do…. they kind of sound like the things that STINKY loves to do…. I still like you though!

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade


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