27 thoughts on “Wordless (Retro) Wednesday: Attack Of The “No” Bottle

    1. Yesterday I met a Vizslas at the Farmers Market here in Montana. I stopped her and said Hey You look like Dennis! I explained to here about Dennis and Family and his amazing Adventures. I told her about your Blog maybe she will visit.


  1. Mom used to use a No Bottle on one of her other dogs who was always barking – worked pretty well, blad we don’t have to find out.

    Nice memory of the pretty kitty.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


  2. I have never had the dreaded NO bottle shaken at me.. or the kind that squirts either for that matter. Butt I’m thinkin I might know a certain cussin of mine that.. hehehe


  3. We have a ‘No’ bottle too, but mostly it is just for showing to The Labradors, not actually using. It is a bottle of lemon juice. A real lemon works too!!


  4. Hey Dennis!
    Great cat pix…if a cat can really take a great pix. My folks have never tried a No bottle on me and I really hope they don’t see this and decide to try it. I do admit sometimes I deserve something like that, but wow.
    Grr and Woof,


  5. Hi Dennis – long time no woof! Am back from holiday (well, from the petsitter actually – it was my humans who went on holiday!) and catching up with all my blog friends!

    Hey – when my humans were in Taipei, they saw lots of doggies in prams sort of like Tucker’s special wheels! But those doggies weren’t old and frail – they were just spoilt and pampered! Hee! Hee!

    Honey the Great Dane


  6. When evil khritters were furst brought into this house – pre-ME – there was a skhwirt bottle fur them –

    They dukhked when they saw it!



  7. My yard work supervisor Dixie should’ve used a No Bottle on me today before I stuck the garden fork through our water pipe. It wasn’t a good outcome


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