25 thoughts on “Observed Aboard The Bus

  1. Yay, Kermit – I knew ya had to play a part in this heheh, even if you WERE escaping from the dangerous Norwood! And Tucker… phew – no more watermelon rinds – even though we would have done the same thing! But we do wanna know what happened to Indiana Frog – didn’t Animal use his turn siggies? Hmmmnnnn.
    Waiting and wondrin’
    Sammie and AValon


  2. I’m not surprised to see the frog or Norwood! However, Kermit screaming like a girl is very disappointing!

    I don’t want a watermelon helmet, but if the pink part is still around, I’m happy to take that from you!


  3. They all look so cute in their little watermelon helmets, except Tucker who isn’t wearing his. I thought Indiana Frog was going to save them all. Is their only chance now in the hands of Mr. Hooper???


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