Observed Aboard The Bus

But suddenly …

25 Comments on “Observed Aboard The Bus

  1. Yay, Kermit – I knew ya had to play a part in this heheh, even if you WERE escaping from the dangerous Norwood! And Tucker… phew – no more watermelon rinds – even though we would have done the same thing! But we do wanna know what happened to Indiana Frog – didn’t Animal use his turn siggies? Hmmmnnnn.
    Waiting and wondrin’
    Sammie and AValon


  2. I’m not surprised to see the frog or Norwood! However, Kermit screaming like a girl is very disappointing!

    I don’t want a watermelon helmet, but if the pink part is still around, I’m happy to take that from you!


  3. Classic, good old kermit I have’nt seen him for years. If only we all wore melon helmets this world would be a much more entertaining place to be haha


  4. They all look so cute in their little watermelon helmets, except Tucker who isn’t wearing his. I thought Indiana Frog was going to save them all. Is their only chance now in the hands of Mr. Hooper???


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