Observed Around Sesame Street

But then …

Later …

19 Comments on “Observed Around Sesame Street

  1. Sparkles are fine BUTT… we now know who WILL NOT BE SEEN SINGING ON S. ST.. BaWaaaah…


  2. Hey Dennis
    It’s your favorite reeder nordude. Umm I thought those watermelon helmets warded off sparkles. And why am i singing Xanadu all of a sudden. Get that jiggly boob girl back for her duet. She’ll wipe off all your sparkles.


  3. WOW! Look at all those STUFFIES!

    Wiggles & Wags,

    PeeS. Oh yes…I also meant to say that I’m most glad you made it off the bus safely.


  4. That glitter is only sticking because you were dumb enough to put watermelons on your heads and the juice ran down your neck, you crazy dogs. Go roll in a dead fish. Maggie the Vizsla.


  5. You were all very lucky, a stray sparkly could’ve taken out someones eye. It’s all fun & games till someone loses an eye


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