Having finally reached the app who Yori claims will be able to send me back to the real world, it seems that my journey through the bizarre neon-colored realm of the iPhone is finally at an end. But apparently I must solve some riddles before I will be permitted to pass through whatever API will lead me home. If only the AT&T network was not so weak and congested here, I might be able to use Google to find the answers to the bizarre question posed to me by the mysterious old conehead who lives in a hole in the floor …

Much as I wrack my brain, I cannot remember anything about who Carter is or whether or not he has liver pills. But to my relief, it seems I don’t have to answer the question after all; it was strictly rhetorical. Unfortunately, the conehead follows it up with another riddle that is even more difficult to solve.

How should I answer? The conehead himself wears a funny hat, which is not unlike the Pope’s; if I say that the Pope’s is funny, will the conehead be offended and refuse to help me? Or does he wear the hat because it is funny? I must draw on my extensive knowledge of foreign cultures, psychology, logic, and hats, and tread very carefully here.

The conehead is clearly taunting me, following up his hat question with a zoology question.

But before I can formulate an answer, an unexpected visitor crashes the party!

It is my nemesis app, TR0UB13! And she has grown to enormous size! She has already beaten me at the flying disc game and on the light cycles; how can I hope to defeat her now that she is a giant? I will have to find a way … because I am D3NN15 the V1ZLA, and I never give up!

13 thoughts on “Conehead

  1. Trouble is big and does look scary, but that IS a cute suit she is wearing. I wonder where she got that?

    Take it easy, Dennis, and keep on not giving up, no matter what!



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