19 thoughts on “Observed Around The Set Of The Sunday Awards And Meme Show

  1. Now this is a post that … I can really get into!!
    What??? NO Awards??? This is an outrage!!!
    Come on everybuddy… send our big guy some LUV!!!!


  2. Ah, cricket, well I understand that:leg before, bowling maidens over, silly mid off, googlies, sticky wickets, willow on leather. Yes, it’s cricket for us any week now. Though I prefer Tests to the Pyjama game.


  3. BOL… this is pawsome… sometimes the deafening silence can speak a thousands words… I can understand you, Trouble. What refreshing change 🙂

    Licks, hero


  4. I thought they were green chirping birds with my ageing eyes till I went Ctrl + Scroll. Crickets not birds. At least Trouble didn’t Raid Spray the poor little birdys.


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