meet rocky!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay this weekend i met another reskyew vizsla dog naymd rocky he is beeing fosterd by my frend linda hoo yoo may remember is indies mama indie beeing a dog frum my flyball teem in kayse yoo do not remember this is him:

indie the dog wot is not a vizsla

the shelter had labeld rocky as unadoptabul becuz evidently he spent most of his time in his cage whining and crying well duh!!!  yoo wood whine and cry too if yoo went frum yore howse to a noisy cage with no toys and no wun to cuddel!!!  they wer probly going to put him down before vizsla reskyew came to the reskyew and got him owt!!!

ok so ennyway linda brawt rocky over so we cud meet him and play with him if we so chose say hello to the folks rocky!!!

“Oh hai!!!”

rocky is a handsum fello as we vizsla dogs tend to be ha ha

rocky the unadobtabul vizsla acting all unadoptabul like

he is a littel bit skinny but not too much and he has got all his furs too!!!

“This is my puzzled look. I am trying to figure out what the heck that shelter was thinking when they called me unadoptable.”

rocky duz not appeer to be a lap dog unlike sum vizsla dogs i cud menshun

“Hmm, this is an interesting concept.”

say tucker duz mama no yoo ar sitting on sumwun elses lap???

“Excuse me, madam, but is that stuffie available for a play date?”

say rocky ummmm wot do yoo think yoo ar dooing???

do not tern yore bak on yore stuffies if yoo want to keep them

hay that is my stuffie!!!

“This stuffie is a little bit dirty, but I will play with it anyway.”

dont yoo think yoo ar beeing a littel too intrested in my toy rocky?!?!

so close but so far away!!!

wot the — hay mama dont throw my stuffie for him!!!

mutter mutter mumbel mumbel

hay do yoo no hoo else likes to play fetch??? ummmmm me!!!

wel ennyway i hav herd that rocky alreddy has a kuple of diffrent peepul lined up wot want to adopt him wow that is a shaym so sorry to see yoo go rocky!!! hay kareful that the door duznt git yore tail wen it closes behind yoo on yore way owt!!!  ok bye

33 thoughts on “meet rocky!!!

  1. Oh my dawg, Rocky is the ham bone! what a looker! duh. what doinks would put that cutie in a cage all day? ya, they called Loki “unadoptable” but that’s because… wait… well because he WAS unadoptable! haha… well, not to me. but we pick our evils. my evil was loud, barky and bitey. now he just bitey’s his favorite toys and no peoples or doggies and everyone is happy. He just needed to learn where it was proper to bitey and where it was not so proper!

    good luck to the handsome fella rocky. i’m so glad there are some interested in him!


  2. ROCKY! Yoo go and git that furever home!

    Hai Dennis, fanks fer lettin us know dat beans has NO CLUE to what adoptable means – phew, we is goin to has to teach dem all? That requires sum serious treats!


    ::springs in my feet::
    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!


  3. Rocky is a lucky guy in that he was rescued by the Viszla peoples. If they hadn’t come around to save him, it would be` a sad story I am afraid. But cheerio, here come the rescue peoples and there goes Rocky. I bet he will find a home in no time at all. He looks like a good guy.



  4. And here we were thinking the end of this story was going to be that Rocky came home with you, Dennis. Well, anyway – hope that furever home comes true for him. He sure is handsome.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


  5. Dennis! You crack me up. Go easy on that Rocky dude, OK? He was just showing off for the camera. You can shun your mama later as punishment. I am really glad that you had labels on those pictures because, well, I cannot tell you and Rocky apart. I sure hope that the right doggie went home.



  6. Sharing is caring. That was nice of you to share your toys Dennis! We are glad this is a happy rescue story, there have been so many sad ones on the web lately.


  7. Hi there Dennis!

    Rocky sure is a charmer. Rescue stories always make us smile. We hope that he finds his furever home soon as he seems to have so much love to share.

    Thanks for telling us about Rocky!

    Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Pai & Wai-Max


  8. Hey Dennis – you know who else is a lapdog?!? ME!!!! I am a petite 58 lbs, so Mom’s lap is the perfect place for me when we travel in the House With Wheels, like was are doing Right This Very Minute!!! Rocky is handsome and all, but he doesn’t hold a candle to you! However, we are glad to hear that he is ‘very adoptable’ even if he isn’t quite as handsome as you!

    *kissey face*
    Fiona and Abby the travelling ‘doodles


  9. Awww…Rocky is very much handsome. I can’t believes they thought he was “unadoptable.” That’s KER-AZY! And it was awfully nice of you to (willingly) share your stuffy with the poor, underprivileged boy. I’m sure he appreciated it very much. And I hopes he finds his Most Perfect Home That Ever Was real soon!

    Wiggles & Wags,


  10. Rocky looks like a wonderful dog – thank goodness he was rescued. What ever do they mean ‘unadoptable’!
    We thought the other dog, who was not a vizsla, looked a little like a basset!
    Martha and Bailey xxx


  11. Hi Dennis boy oh boy are you in for it .. the last time “my momma” brought home a dog to visit he ended up staying and after almost 5 years it doesn’t look like he’s going anywhere soon so what do you think do you think Roccky is just visiting or maybe you are getting a new brudda from a different mudda and fadda? your friend, Clover

    Hey Denny Dude, looking good, tell Trix I said hey. your dude friend, Coz


  12. Dennis, did you get all the Rocky cooties off your stuffie yet? I am glad you were hospitable! Maybe Rocky will end up in a home nearby where he can come by to play with you all the time!

    I thought he was interviewing you as a potential family!


  13. How handsome!

    I’m sure woo khan tell him more about how to be a Vizsla!

    I think both of my recent broFUR SibeLings would have gotten ‘weird’ had they had to stay at the B&B much longer –

    We Sibes like PEOPLE too much not to be around them!



  14. It is great to know he was rescued. I hope Rocky, Hey I used to have a Rottweiller named Rocky, finds a home soon with a Mama & Dada who will buy him his own stuffies


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