Plants Vs. Kitties

Having spent too long trying to answer the conehead’s insanely difficult questions, I inadvertently allowed by nemesis app, TR0UB13, to catch up with me. Now I must defeat her in combat, or face the possibility of being trapped forever in the strange world of the iPhone. My only hope is that she slips up and picks a contest that I can win …

With the wave of a hand, TR0UB13 transports us to the field of battle — which looks remarkably like a backyard. Perhaps I will have time to take care of a little business before the fight begins.

However, before I get a chance to do that, strange and threatening creatures begin to invade!

How can I hope to defend myself from this invading horde of zombie kitties? My valiant plants are far too few! And I am cut off from escape by scary lawn mowing devices and that horrible pool of water that looks like the one where mama attempted to drown me! I mean, where she tried to teach me how to swim. Feverishly I attempt to defend myself with more plants, but the merciless onslaught of zombie kitties only increases!

But just when it seems that I am on the verge of having my brains eaten by the zombie kitties, I am rescued by a most fortuitous appearance!

Trixie’s fearsome bark and enormous teeth quickly rout the zombie kitties, who flee in terror!

Yes, I, Dennis the Vizsla, have emerged victorious against the nefarious TR0UB13! And now the conehead app can finally send me home. Real world, here I come!

With all I have learned about what goes on inside the iPhone, I have enough material for at least three scholarly treatises! The university will have to give me my office back now! Or … perhaps not.

Well perhaps I cannot publish those papers anymore. But I will still get my office back — because I am Dennis the Vizsla, and I never give up!

14 thoughts on “Plants Vs. Kitties

  1. Dennis! That was kind of an 8 bit adventure, right? Sign up with that Apple guy. Don’t even read the contract. He will make you a fortune!



  2. Kind of reminds me of a public bathroom. Just when you think you are alone to do number two, everyone decides to come in the bathroom (or pound on the door when it’s a single)


  3. Trixie made it seem so easy. Why didn’t you do the same Dennis & exert your manly doggyness??? Oh that’s right I just remembered, nooterd…


  4. Hey Dennis!!! We were at PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) a month ago and we saw Plants VS. Zombies game. People dressed up as sun flowers and they were beating the zombies….

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade


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