Wordless Wednesday: Who Goes There?

20 Comments on “Wordless Wednesday: Who Goes There?

  1. Must be one of them prairie dog sentry types. Only a bird. Yeah a prairie bird sentry. That’s it! DO NOT TRY TO BEFRIEND (or eat Tucker we’re lookin atchew)

    Bobo and Meja


  2. He sure is in alert mode – look at that straight posture. Hope you all knew the secret password to go through.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder,and Ciara


  3. nobody move. nobody gets hurt..s/he almost looks like a decoy! dennis do woo have something to do with this?

    just sayin.


  4. I think this top level predator is waiting for a sacrifice. Quick Dennis this is your golden opportunity, get Trouble out in the yard!!!


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