The Doggies

Having spent an indeterminate amount of time inside the bizarre world of the iPhone, I am not sure how long I’ve been gone from the University. Certainly it was long enough for everyone to depart Bushwood, because all my colleagues are gone and I am unable to find a ride back to campus. But, being a vizsla dog, I relish the opportunity to get a little exercise. Let the walkies begin!

The road from Bushwood back to the university is long, and takes me through unfamiliar neighborhoods. Along the way, I discover some sort of local activist group staging a protest. Of course, my anthropological curiosity gets the better of me, and I must investigate.

Taking my skepticism to heart, the little group of rabble-rousers folds up their signs and departs, inviting me to come along. Apparently, they have a Plan B, and are interested in my opinion of it.

Sensing my skills as an explorer, archaeologist, and tracker, this small band of adventurers — they apparently call themselves the “Goonies” — asks me to assist them in finding the pirate gold. I, of course, cannot resist the lure of an old map and the possibility of discovering evidence of pirate activity in the area. Plus I want to keep an eye on that one kid, Data, who had the bright idea of putting me in a cage like some sort of performing monkey. While the rest of us plan to go on foot to the supposed entrance to the tunnels that will lead us to the treasure, Data has another method of locomotion. Unfortunately I am interrupted before I can get him out of the way.

Before long we find our way into the tunnels, via a secret access hole in an old pizza shop outside of town. It is a tight squeeze, but we are on our way! But can I trust these “Goonies”? They seem to be a devious lot.

I must tread carefully here; there is, after all, little honor among thieves. But if there is pirate gold to be found down in these tunnels, I will find it — because I am Dennis the Vizsla, and I never give up!

17 thoughts on “The Doggies

  1. Why do I have a feeling that this ‘pirate gold’ is going to end up being those silly chocolate “coins” in gold foil? And that Tucker will be immensely disappointed because he can’t eat the chocolate? Unless maybe they’ll be special carob coins…. Hmmm. Good luck, Dennis.

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus


  2. Yeah, Good Luck! I get tired sometimes just reading your posts and thinking about all the work that goes into them!

    Oh and sorry Dennis, but I knew I saw the nose in your last photo somewhere before. Click on my name on this comment to see what I mean.


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