Creature From The Black Lagoonies

Having accidentally messed up the keyboard line from “The Final Countdown”, the Goonies and I have found ourselves unceremoniously dumped onto a waterslide and plunged into a subterranean pool deep beneath the Goondocks. Given that the map promised us certain death if we failed to play the keyboard correctly, this is not such a bad fate … or is it?

After recovering from the shock of being plunged into the frigid water, we regroup into a defensive huddle and take stock of the situation.

We make our way across the mist-shrouded pool, heading for the roar of a waterfall that echoes throughout the chamber. Perhaps from there we can find a way out of this trap. Once there, we clamber out of the lagoon and begin making our way across a slick and treacherous log bridge.

A head count is performed, and we discover that we have acquired an unexpected traveling companion! I quickly formulate a plan to escape from the hideous creature, but it does not meet with approval or success.

We attempt to flee, but the monster is relentless in its mindlessly slavering pursuit of its next meal!

Can we possibly escape this hideous and evil pursuer, find the pirate gold, and escape in one piece? I will find a way … because I am Dennis the Vizsla, and I never give up!

17 thoughts on “Creature From The Black Lagoonies

  1. Whats wrong with the name George? Nothing, thats what. I had an uncle named George and he was a nice guy. So get over that, George!



  2. Ummm… Maybe the Creature is going to turn out to be friends with that weird guy we haven’t seen yet from the Goonies… Where’s Trouble when you need to throw out a good snack? Isn’t she due for some revenge after that deception over the bacon dimension?


  3. Good grief Dennis in the 1st picture it looks like the creature from the black lagoon is about to take a big bite of your back. That’s gotta hurt. But then again maybe I’m being judgemental, after all beauty, or ugly in this case, is only skin deep. He may be a very caring sensitive creature


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