its the sunday awards and meem show kort tv edishun!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay welkum to the sunday awards and meem show streeming to yoo live by kort tv!!!

this week i hav an award frum my gud frend maggie the vizsla frum sharkbytes!!!

yes its the versatil blogger award!!! thanks maggie!!!

now this award has roolz wun of witch is to tel seven things abowt yoreself so heer goze!!!

  1. i hav never offerd ennywun a bribe for an award ever in my hole life!!!
  2. but eeven if i did wot is the big deel???
  3. i meen it is not like i wuz givving them lots and lots of munny or free pig powders or ennything
  4. oh shoor maybe i had ekstra toaster ovens lying arownd that i wuz trying to git rid of but come on hoo duznt need to remove sum klutter now and then???
  5. wel ok maybe the reezon i had ekstra toaster ovens wuz that i opend a buntch of fake bank akkownts at varyus institooshuns but sinse wen is that a krime???
  6. beesides its not like they ar sooper ekspensiv toaster ovens i meen if the bank is giving them away how gud can they be???
  7. i wil gladly giv a toaster oven to ennywun hoo wood like to come to kort and testify that i hav never offerd them a toaster oven in ekschayndj for ennything

ok now maggie passd this award on to fore of her frends so i wil do the saym!!! the weel of fortchoon sez the award goze to:

and thats a rap!!! ok bye

21 thoughts on “its the sunday awards and meem show kort tv edishun!!!

  1. Uh, Dennis, we know you aren’t a crook or anything bad, but you do some strange things that can make you look verrrrrrry guilty. You have a right to be quiet. Perhaps you should try it.


  2. We’ll take a toaster oven to say under oath that we’ve never received a toaster oven for performing services for the benefit of one Dennis Vizsla Dog. Um. Wait. Let me call my attorney to review that statement. I’ll get back to you… *backs away slowly*

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus, who have access to a whole bunch of legal power


  3. Hi Dennis! Congrats on your award there! You and your pack certainly are versatile and deserve that very award. Great “court edition” on “things about you” that I never knew. I’d also like to know about pig powders – is it like potox? Congrats again, pal!
    Hugs xoxoxoxoxo,
    Sammie and Avalon


  4. Oh Dennis
    umm, I think you might have blown youw defense, but I will happily come and testify on youw behalf..
    smoochie kisses
    pee ess will my toastew oven be able to wawm up pizzas?


  5. Dennis- if you send me a toaster oven full of bacon, I won’t testify against you. I will disavow any knowledge of the bacon. And a toaster oven with no bacon isn’t anything at all. Maggie the Vizsla. I’m glad you like my award.


  6. Here, we have learner Guide dogs in prison, they have ‘nice’ prisoners who take care of them and teach them. I am sure they would welcome Dennis. We met our friendly neighbourhood Vizsla on our walk today!!!


  7. Dennis! Dennis!
    Another hearing?? I hope everything goes well!
    Aaaand… congratulations on your award and thanks for giving it to me!
    Kisses and hugs


  8. Dennis you shoulda went before Judge Judy because she’s really a big softie at heart. Looks like you may be going to keep Bugs Bunny company again


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